5 signs of the zodiac for which the former become NIKEM.
Friendship with the former for these signs of the zodiac is like a time bomb. Why do we have to be friends? How will our future boys or girls react when they learn that we are still friends with our ex?

You may be experiencing separation and want to know why your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend did not give you any opportunity to remain friends!

5 signs of the zodiac for which the former become NICK


You are not interested in being friends with the former, because you are more focused on competing with them, in order to find out who can become better.

Of course, you do not mind that they have access to your social networks, where you constantly update information about what is happening in your life. True friendship is not about competing with each other!


You loved being adored, so why don’t you want your ex to adore someone else? If you two are friends, you will inevitably hear about your ex’s new relationship.

Unfortunately, you are also a rather arrogant sign of the zodiac that will not tolerate it. Another reason you will not be friends with the former is your stubborn personality.


You can not be jealous. It does not help in relationships and does not help when it comes to friendship with the former.

You are a passionate person, and your passion often leads you to jealousy. Therefore, you can’t even imagine that you will need to know that your ex has a new relationship.

How could you maintain friendships if you are very hard on the new love interests of your ex?


You know a lot. These qualities do not quite complement each other when it comes to maintaining friendly relations after separation. If he broke your heart, you do not forgive and forget it.

Even if the parting was not entirely initiated by your ex, you will still blame him, which means that if you two cannot come to an understanding, you will never be able to remain friends.


You are the most passive person when it comes to parting. Honestly, the point is not that you don’t like this idea, you just don’t bother to make efforts to maintain friendly relations.

Friendship with the former, in particular, may require great efforts from both sides!

5 signs of the zodiac for which the former become NICK

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