How are you in bed according to your zodiac sign


The RAM. It is one of the zodiacal signs that are considered more active, and also with a great sexual appetite. He is passionate, ardent, and very receptive, whether they are men or women. They are dominant, and they love sex.


As you know, the sign of Taurus is a bull. This makes me look like a stubborn person. Therefore, both men and women Taurus, are the most stubborn and stubborn. They like to increase the degree of pleasure, so for them it is also important caresses and price games, because they love it.


Twins, two heads. That’s why sex for the Gemini is something that starts in the mind, and ends in the body. For them, sex is not physical, but they do take sex as a fun activity, as a game. Gemini need to unleash their imagination, and they are very curious, so it is normal that they tend to be very original and very avid about practically everything.


It is one of those complacent signs, which are of water: they let themselves be influenced, but then they are the ones that also please. Of course, they are often very insecure, so they may take sex as a test of love. They are spontaneous and tender, and that’s why they are also considered good lovers.


The Leo are the kings of the jungle. They love sex, beauty, and human bodies. It’s like a king: sensual, passionate, and full of energy. And as such, if you want to please a Leo, what you have to do is treat him like a king. They have a great capacity for seduction.


Virgos need some security to get into bed with someone, so you must show them that you are a reliable person. Of course, once you are with a Virgo, let go by sex without any limits. They can be unpredictable, because they tend to change their minds very quickly. Therefore, one must be very patient with the Virgos.


They love sex because it makes them feel very sensual. Still, it is linked to feelings and love in general. Librans need some confidence, and some affection, to go to bed with someone. They like the art of seduction, but can get bored easily.


Of all the signs, this is one of the hottest and most exciting there is. He is always looking for new experiences and new sensations. They are tender, and have the deepest emotions. It is easy to fall into the networks of a Scorpio, but be careful, because they can become something selfish.


Sagittarians are sexual adventurers, so they are always looking for new experiences. But they are not usually lifelong companions, but in principle, prefer the relationships of a night, passionate and without turning back. No ties.


It is the most stable emotional sign that exists. The Capricorn can spend periods of abstinence, not to fall into the addiction, but when they enter the bed, they are extraordinary lovers, who surprise more than one. Although at first glance, it seems distant, inside is passionate, and also very accommodating.


Although they know how to differentiate sex from love, when they are caught by surprise they are unable to separate it. But until then, you can have a good time with the Aquarius, because they are imaginative, original, and attractive. Therefore, to please an Aquarius, we must innovate and not be repetitive.


Pisces is one of those signs that will always get along with your water mates. They are very dedicated, and seek the perfect complicity with their partner. It’s romantic, and look for love in love.

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