How do you kiss each sign of the zodiac_


The Aries are usually a little shy of entry so they will always prefer to close their eyes. If you accompany the kiss while you touch the face or caress its neck you can unleash all the passion that has inside.


Taurus is very select with their kisses, they will also take advantage of each encounter to end up having another kind of practice with you, so, be careful with this sign …


The kisses of Gemini are very variable; they are always looking for a new way to experiment with their lips, with their tongue, with the game of seduction. Kissing Gemini will seem different to all the kisses you have given before.


Cancer may seem like a very sure sign of yourself … but in practice you are not and you need many kisses from your partner to be happy. His kisses denote a passion that will enchant your partner …


Leo tries hard to get his kisses to be a movie so they will always wait for the right moment to give them. You can take a little morning surprise if you sleep with Leo since he can kiss you in areas other than your lips.


They give a lot of courage to everything to be perfect in the kiss: if they discover that something they do not like in yours, surely they will not tell you but they will avoid giving them to you.


Libra loves to open her eyes from time to time while she is kissing you. They are very analytical and critical of their kisses and those who give them. It is simply a matter of doing it well.


If you really want to conquer a Scorpio give him little nibbles at the moment when you are giving him a kiss.


It is the sign that best kisses all of the Zodiac, any of the others are dying to taste their lips. He has an incredible command of the language, combining it with other bed activities. The perfect match!


They often assure that they do not know how to kiss, well, and that they do not know how to do other things, although the reality is very different. It takes time to deliver but when they do they transport their lovers to new worlds with their kisses.


With Aquarius you will be able to experience new kisses that are very up-tempo, always looking to give and receive new kisses to feel even more desired. He “falls in love” easily but does not give his kisses to anyone.


They like to combine kisses with hugs to feel full. The moment he falls in love he loves to kiss and be kissed. But do not miss caresses and games and yes, a little bit of tenderness …

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