What is the femininity of different signs of the zodiac. Just super!
Everyone knows that this should be, and no one can really explain what it is. And all because femininity is very different, and each sign of the zodiac has its own.



Aries Girl – Amazon . True, not quite the very Amazon of ancient Greek myths, which allows men to itself exactly on the flight of an arrow.

Aries girl is not just a born hunter and warrior, she is also a very impulsive hunter and warrior. She first zashibet to death, and then will be considered, who exactly this time fell under the hot hand. So, all undesirable it is better to stay away.



The Taurus girl is the Goddess . And that’s why. First of all, young ladies-Taurus somehow inexplicably manage to perform miracles that can be touched: all sorts of houses, cars and jewelry.

Well and, thirdly, the young lady-Taurus, like all goddesses, is not very kind. Although not evil. She just has such a job: she can arrange for anyone both a personal paradise and a personal hell. But all – deserved and fair, rest assured.



The twin girl is a nymphet . Eternal teenager, and a real teenager, not a doll with a well-preserved face. They have everything really: a true youthful rebellion and real, genuine madness. Sqs, rock and roll …

And even when the Twin Lady becomes a grandmother, her numerous “I’s” will continue to drink port wine in doorways, come to secular receptions in leather jackets, fall in love, like for the first time – to death. And despise this stupid adult world.



The Cancer girl is Mother . Mother of all living things. She surrounds with the true maternal care of all who she considers to be close. But those whom she does not consider as such, can also count on her care if they really need her. And the limits of this concern are not and never will be: Mother protects her child from anyone.

So, the femininity of the Cancer girl is just a reference. And those whom the Cancer girl loves are rare lucky and lucky ones. Well, if they agree to accept their happiness entirely, with all the conditions. The most important of which is not to walk, damn it, without a hat!

a lion


The Lev Girl is the Queen . The femininity of the Lioness is truly regal, because where it appears, all other women cease to exist. That is, this Lioness thinks so that they cease to exist, and behaves accordingly. However, the Lionesses really have a lot of undeniable merits.

But it is worth considering the fact that the queens, in fact, not only sit on the thrones, looking down on everyone.

They also govern the state and subjects. And these most subjects they are sometimes executed. So if you do not want to scaffold – often praise the Lioness. Sometimes it works.



Virgo – A wise woman . Yes, yes, that same wise woman everyone wants to become, but no one succeeds. Because no one knows how.

And Virgo knows what real wisdom is: this is reinforced logic, analytical thinking, pumped to the level of “god,” true spy observation and phenomenal memory.

Virgo has all this. And therefore, it is Virgo who “furrows the expanses of the universe on a spaceship.” While some practice a cargo cult and collect airplanes from clay and branches.



Girl-Libra – Turgenev lady . Gentle and reverent creature, fragile angel, a creature that needs to be protected from this evil, soulless world. Well, at that moment when she enters this world, of course. What happens very rarely, frankly.

The Libra girls can create their own separate universe, in which ponies with rainbow manes and fairies scatter magic pollens live. And there, in this beautiful world, Libra is fine. But they won’t let you in there. Well, maybe just for special merit.

For example, for the ability to create around themselves the beauty and peace. And for the ability to distinguish the dessert knife from the fish fork.



Scorpio is a vamp woman . The femme fatale, the sorceress and the sex bomb are three in one, all shades of femininity and 50 shades of gray too.

A Scorpio girl successfully combines all the qualities that are usually attributed to women, without, however, making any distinction between positive and negative.

In general, this is a beautiful, but insidious and incomprehensible creature, extremely attractive to the same. Killer femininity.

A nuclear mushroom – in the sense that if you see it, then wrap yourself in a sheet or crawl away a little late. Stand still, now you will incinerate.



Girl-Sagittarius – Courtesan (in a good way, of course). All other signs believe that femininity is a kind of ephemeral substance built into every young lady by default, and the young lady-Strelets does not think so.

In her understanding, femininity is something useful: well, here are some who can literally cook dinner for 12 people out of nothing, or cats train brilliantly.

And the young lady-Sagittarius knows how to be feminine. Moreover, when she needs it for some reason. And when Sagittarius turns on the “I’m such a girl-girl” mode, everyone around them falls down and stacks.

However, Sagittarius girls rarely use this technique. They and others have enough. For all occasions.



The Capricorn girl is the Muse . Real muse, true. Not the one that the poets chanted, but the one from which these same poets hid under the table and, having covered themselves with manuscripts, begged “Please stop!” Because the Capricorn girl does not come to those who have only a gift, but to who in addition to the gift also has steel nerves.

Here such Capricorn girl loves. She inspires them as much as she can, and she has more strength than a herd of draft horses. But on the other hand, if you don’t run up too much (don’t argue with the Muse), then you can find out that it happens for the most chosen and lovely cat.



Aquarius girl – ” Athlete, Komsomol and just beautiful .” In her everything but everything is changeable. And only one thing remains the same: Aquarius is always annealed not childly.

They don’t even dream of peace, he dreams of all those who decided to connect their lives with the Aquarius girl. Sometimes dreams.

In intolerably long, viscous nightmares, after which you wake up in a cold sweat. Because if a girl — Aquarius suddenly subsides for some reason — then wait, it will soon burst out!



Fish Girl – Actress . And not just an actress, but a real prima that broadcasts to the world the mantra “A woman must be feminine!” And he does it so skillfully that it starts to seem to us that the world of fashion and beauty was created exclusively for Fish. But this is all a game.

There is no reference femininity, no “real woman.” The girl-fish behind her perfectly made-up lips hides eighteen rows of razor-sharp shark teeth. And with them she will easily and easily cut back the ridge to anyone, if necessary, of course.

What is the femininity of different signs of the zodiac. Just super!

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