Most common superstitions at weddings

Weddings are undoubtedly the beginning of a glorious and loving life as a couple. However to achieve it apart from communication and trust, there are those who use other methods, which although they sound crazy have a strong root in our mind.

That is why on this occasion we list some of the most common superstitions so that the married couple have a life full of joy and happiness.

  • Do not see the bride before the wedding : Perhaps it is the most common in many cultures, because it is believed that if they get to see each other, one of the two, the bride or groom, would cancel the last minute ceremony.
  • Do not use pearls: Whether in the dress or as jewelry pearls in some cultures are forbidden, because if the bride carries them means that during her married life she will shed many tears.
  • Discourage evil spirits:  Have you seen that in some cultures aluminum cans are placed in the back of the bridal car ?, This is done so that evil spirits do not follow the couple and thus prevent them from bringing bad luck.
  • Start with the right foot:  Some believe that the best way to start a life full of love, it is necessary that the couple take the first step to the altar with the right foot. If one of the two started with the left one, it would bring bad luck.
  • Unlucky bouquet: This is more for the guests, at least in Korea, where it is believed that if someone wins the bouquet, and does not get married in six months, he will never get married. That is why many brides, choose to give their bouquet to a friend who is about to commit.

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