Surprise your partner with these gifts!

The most romantic date of the year is approaching, February 14 is always a special day to surprise your partner with these gifts:

The teddy bears

The bears are always an excellent option to give at this time to both men and women and there are different sizes and prices ranging from 150 to 4 thousand pesos.

Helium balloons

Balloons are also an excellent option besides they are the cheapest gifts that you can give your partner cost around 25 pesos and up to 300 pesos.

The chocolate, chocolate or sweet palettes

This gift in addition to being delicious is a nice detail that your partner will appreciate; the prices range from  10 to 40 pesos.


The floral arrangements and roses are another of the gifts that are the most popular in this era, there are various sizes and shapes, the prices of these range between 200 and 2 thousand pesos.


The perfumes are also the most popular gifts, especially to give to your girlfriend, their prices range from 500 to two thousand pesos.

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