Between so many smiles, you chose mine.

Between so many smiles, you chose mine.

I can try anything. I can drive the biggest mountains close, I can take anyone by my side, even the pope if you want. But I can not shake off this feeling that has been conquering me day after day since we met.

My dear, you mess me up! I’m sorry, it’s all so complicated. You earned my heart just by greeting me. You are a merry tune on a sunny day, a flower in the middle of the rosemary field, a snowflake in the middle of nowhere. You are everything when I have nothing, you are everything for wanting nothing but my smile.

How can I make someone happy just with my smile? I can not believe such a thing, my smile! Soon mine, soon my smile you want. I can not help it, this is incredible.

You said along with Jason Marz that I was the woman you loved. My heart still beats up when I think about it. I was the woman you loved.

I may have tried everything for you to step away and not hurt me. But deep down I hoped you would break all the barriers … I hoped I could kiss you. I always wanted you to feel your heart next to mine, in that hug that takes so long !!! You say anything to my ear …

Control … I never had this, I never could control what I felt for you, my love. All I want is your embrace, your laughter . Nothing has changed between us, my love, nothing has changed since that day when I smiled to hear you say that you loved me.

The only thing, possibly different from that day, is that now I’m sure you love me. I’m sure that I love you as much as you love me. Your voice makes my heart race, everything in me accelerates when I hear you. Your smile brightens me. Your crazy ideas are the best to change everything in everyone.

You’re not perfect, my love, but you’re the one right for my heart. I can not avoid saying this so many times. I deprived myself so much of speaking what I felt.

I stopped talking about your smile, your love and your pure soul. I stopped listening to his breath in my ear. I cut myself off from feeling his arms around my tired shoulders. I will no longer deprive myself of the face I love, I can no longer lie to anyone.

I can no longer dig shelters and seek shelter for the destruction of life. My refuge is when I lean my head against your chest. I can not wait for you to knock down all the walls and kiss me … I ended up opening the door, myself. I can not fake anything anymore! I can not help it anymore. I can not lie that since I met you, I’m hopelessly in love with you, I can not help it.

I can not! And you want to know? I will no longer deprive myself of it.

I’ll scream to the world that I love you. I’ll run to you when you come to hold me and I’ll kiss you when you tell me I look beautiful. I can not lie to anyone anymore, you’re perfect for me. So now I just have to wait for you to reveal who the woman you love is.

Meanwhile, I will continue to feed my heart with all our hugs and moments. I’m tired of sleeping and seeing you in my dreams, now I’m going to wake up and see you as soon as I get to the usual place.

Dreams are great, but when they come true, nothing is able to compete with them.

That’s why I tell you my dear:


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