How to conquer a girl_ (1)

If you do not know how to act when you are with the girl you like, take note of these tricks that will be very useful.

We give you the best advice to conquer a girl.

It always shows a clean, neat and presentable look.

Make use of a good perfume capable of intoxicating any girl, avoid the use of phrases or typical compliments, as well as rude or vulgar.

Ask her for get out. Be creative and take it to a different place that you always remember.

Be honest, kind and respectful with her at all times.

Never invite the girl you like to your house the first few days, or you’ll think you just want sex.

Avoid going to your appointments drunk.

Do not devalue yourself by thinking you’re not good enough for her.}

Be romantic, chivalrous and d

etallista, they love it.

Try these Tips!

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