The horoscope of the couple_ the affinities of love sign by sign

Aries and Leo, Gemini and Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus … The perfect combination does not exist, but the stars can give us some precious indication

Generosa, enveloping, possessive and greedy. While he is sincere, competitive, direct and … simply irresistible. The characteristics of each zodiac sign can be combined to perfection or explode in a risky encounter. At least according to the stars.

Stars and feelings, a binomial that finds its fulfillment in the love horoscope that sign by sign promotes (or boccia) the affinity of a couple. Astral drawings that each of us must take into our everyday life. Giving the right value to the suggestions that the stars give us. And what better time than Valentine’s Day to test the beneficial influences that the stars bring into our lives?

Directions to be welcomed lightly. Even when they are not favorable. Because, especially in love, the stars often know reasons that the heart does not see. And if passion leads to irrational choices, the stars can warn that certain “marriages don’t know how to do”. And on the contrary, to make the god of rationality enter into the loving combat, if the celestial map draws perfect couplings.



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