Bad reports - Why do they tell me _like you no one ever_, but then they leave_

why do people lie?

I am a 25 year old boy and behind I have a fair number of badly ended relationships that have left me with a broken heart every time. 
In the beginning everything is perfect: he is the right one, I am the right one, it is the right time.

The most common phrases that I hear are: “Everything is perfect with you”, “I have never loved anyone like you”, “You are a wonderful person, I will do everything to make you happy”. 
Balle, at the first difficulty they abandon the ship, at the first opportunity they betray me and forget me within a few weeks. Then of course they come back to check out what I’m doing with my life and if I’m still thinking about them (it’s almost always like that).

Whether or not I am that “wonderful person” I don’t care, but why lie? Why is it so difficult to take responsibility for one’s actions? Why create expectations and deceive those around you?

I’m tired of being teased. Everywhere I am told that sooner or later the right guy arrives, the one who does not disappoint you, who always keeps his promises, that if you want to celebrate your birthday at a restaurant, he doesn’t take you to a fast food restaurant, which will never hurt you.

These are bales too, right?


Dear to.

And so you understand. People lie.

People lie because it’s a little easier. Certain of necessity, others – they will be crazy – for fun. 
People lie because if you don’t want to hear them, then don’t ask questions. 
People lie to improve the plot. “You’re different” is what we want to hear and they tell us. The fact remains that we really liked him for those five minutes, but that’s another story. 
People lie to make up for time. The lies run well, the short legs whizzing. Gianni Brera would give you the example of ball players: the center of gravity counts. The more it is attached to the ground, the better the genius expresses itself.

People lie at the beginning because in the beginning it serves everything. 
People lie in the end because in the end it is no longer worth anything. 
People lie because someone has already lied to them. 
People lie because they don’t know what else to do. 
People lie without realizing it. 
People lie because during never seems so serious. 
People lie because they have little imagination or they have too much. 
People have learned to lie as well with their fingers lately. They put you like a traitor. 
People lie with certain smiles of steel that we might learn as well. 
People lie because at the bottom you do what comes to you. Even wide, now that I think about it.
People lie when they have no alternative, they lie when the alternatives have them but less comfortable. 
They lie to hurt. 
They lie for not making too much of it. 
They lie when it happens, or they make it happen. 
They lie when needed. 
They lie when it’s not useful. 
They lie to defend themselves, which is like lying a little less. 
They lie because they look at you in the face and you already have injured eyes and then it is better to make you feel calm. 
They lie to themselves until the truth bends like they say, and they make another, a little more bearable, I don’t say better, but lies keep the shacks far more than the truths. 
They lie because they die of truth. 
They lie to sleep at night.
They lie early in the morning, in front of the mirror (how are you? Mah, go ahead, we’ve seen worse) 
They lie because they give you a little respite out there. 
They lie because they have had enough, people are treacherous, they might as well be playing in advance.

Here we are at the end. Nobody should be missing. Maybe you found yourself too. 
At a certain point, everything conspires towards the hypocritical accommodation: in the sense that we pass from the aspiration to sincerity at all costs to the more accessible existential program of trying to be a baler who says slightly less than the average, a minor counter, just some of them for self-defense, the main ones tell them to themselves. And forgive others what you do too, amen. Otherwise you risk spending your life giving report cards to passers-by, who sucks you and who doesn’t.

It is not at all a question of starting to look for one who at least is in the universe … 
It is what you are not afraid of suspecting that we are all the same out here: atrocious, unclean, absurd , the dry ternoir – perhaps a bit exaggerated, but in short there we are understood

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