The Perfect Key to the Happiness of Every Zodiac Sign

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The perfect key to the happiness of each Zodiac sign. And what is your ideal key to happiness?

Aries: know who you are

Without a strong goal or identity in life, Aries cannot be happy.  Managed planet Mars at Aries leads him to leadership. They are fighters, rebels, changing rules. They need a reason, a goal, they need to understand who they are. You can ask yourself “who am I?” As soon as you focus on what you want, keep that fire burning and you will get what you want.

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Taurus: strong self-esteem

Taurus understands that he values most. Without strong self-esteem, Taurus cannot be happy.  The planet Venus, the Goddess of Love is the manifesto for all these things, including its own personal finances. As soon as Taurus can communicate what he needs,  he will be stronger and instantly get what they deserve. 

Gemini: Free Communication

Twins who are silent or limited in expressing themselves can be unhappy. They need the freedom to express their feelings and emotions in the best way: words . Words are Gemini’s best friends. Mercury is the ruling planet: the planet that governs the mind, thoughts and all forms of communication.

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This makes Gemini writers, poets, musicians and speakers. I am recalling George VI, who was not supposed to be appointed king and who had to overcome obstacles.

Then, when he had the courage, he became an inspiration for many. We know that your dualistic, beautiful mind has many opportunities to say, and the world wants to hear you!

Cancer: home where the heart

Cancer without a safe and cozy sink, where they can be themselves, may not be happy. House to call oneself; a place where your emotions can flow freely with people around you (family, spouse or children) who understand YOU and allow you to be just “yourself”. This is the foundation of Cancer: Happy home. Build your sanctuary.

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You are the most emotional of all signs, because you are ruled by the Moon, which controls the ocean tides.

Leo: Express yourself bravely

A lion without pride is not a lion! Pride has a purpose, they look to the king for guidance. The audience should always be around this sign, they are the center of attention, which is ruled by the sun.  The sun is a light that shines brightly in our hearts, like most signs, but especially for Leo.

Virgo: love yourself

A virgin without a good routine, physically and emotionally, may not be happy. This is not because they lack discipline or they are lazy – quite the opposite. 

This is because they first think about others. These are the Givers and the Masters, they are Mother Teresa and Gandhi of our world. By giving their lives to others, they can ignore what they should do for themselves. Ruled by Mercury, they have an organized mind and the ability to “make” a list in your head of 100 things.

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Learn to love yourself first. Focus on yourself and then others will watch over you and appreciate you more.  Your family will understand that you need to train for 20 minutes before breakfast, and the dishes will wait for the dust to run away. 

Scales: energy balance

Unhappy relationships are equal to an unlucky life for these loving, vibrant personalities. This may be a business or personal relationship. Scales without another person in their lives (a close friend, relative or significant other) may be unhappy.

Ruled by the planet Venus, love and marriage stand out here. Do not pay too much attention to your partner in life and do not spend too much time in isolation.   

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Scorpio: Take into account your passion

If Scorpio is not passionate about anything, in particular, life, he will not be happy.  A sign most associated with seks, sacraments and mysticism.  They are creative beings, ruled not only by Mars, but also by a deep, transformative, icy planet – Pluto. They are not afraid to explore the depths of the cold ocean, which many fear. Boredom – Death Scorpio.

Sagittarius: keep learning

A Sagittarius who does not learn something new or does not discover new lands will not be happy. You are the Philosophers, the Inventors.  You can do everything that interests you, you need to trust yourself enough to think big. Never allow yourself to settle down.  Jupiter is a big ruling planet, wants to give you everything you want. 

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When you travel, you expand your horizons, every place you visit will become part of your being and teach you much more about yourself.

Capricorn: Think of the finale

Capricorn without a big goal can not be happy. Capricorn rises high and steadily when they reach the top. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

The creator asks the question: “How do they do it?”. They believe in themselves.  Hard work and perseverance never fail.

Aquarius: Stay Connected

Aquarius in isolation will not be happy.  You can even create the next generation of new Facebook technology, but you need personal connections in this life, offline.  Social work comes to mind, and friends or a  big family are important to Aquarius, even if they don’t show it. 

Planet Uranus makes their minds work overtime and see things very differently than most.

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Pisces: Know that you know

Fish who do not trust their Intuition will be unhappy in life.  You are visionaries, and you probably know the following words that I will write. Neptune, your ruling planet, keeps you naturally connected to the Ethers.

Your intuition will always guide you. The more actively and soberly you experience this life with spiritual practice, the happier you will be.

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