To each his own_ diet for each sign of the zodiac. The universe will help to return the old forms!

A beautiful figure is a reflection of effort, willpower, perseverance and the fact that everything in the body functions properly. Of course, over the years it is getting harder to keep fit. It is necessary to resort to diets and stubborn physical exertion. But it often happens that one woman’s diet came up, and the other from her, on the contrary, gained a few kilograms.

Astrologers say: the thing is that the diet should be chosen according to the horoscope.

What can you eat on a diet


Three or four meals a day without snacking – an ideal, from the point of view of astrodietology, option. It is advisable to include in the diet simple dishes: soups, salads, cereals, stewed fish and meat dishes with lots of greens. If you want to eat something at night, then the stars allow you to enjoy a slice of black bread with a slice of low-fat cheese. Ideal for Aries women will be the Mayo protein diet. It is better to exclude from the menu animal fats and coffee, so as not to overexcite already inflated nerves.


Representatives of this sign love to eat tight and fast, which is why they often suffer a couple extra pounds. Therefore, whatever diet you go on, learn to eat slowly. From meat, give preference to beef, from side dishes – red or wild rice, barley and corn grits. Also include in the daily menu dishes rich in fiber: cabbage, carrots, beets, celery. Useful and products with a mild laxative effect – prunes and raisins.

Taurus is characterized by an increased risk of allergies, so once a year it is advisable to go on a detox diet, using low-calorie foods with a cleansing effect. These include spinach, apples, oatmeal, persimmon, cabbage, prunes, green tea and cold pressed juices.


With the metabolism of Gemini very lucky. But representatives of this sign rarely bother with their food, so the various rolls and fast food – this is something that can often be seen in their plate. Over time, the body slags, hence the various rashes and premature aging.

Twins need to take into account 3 points, making up the diet menu: regimen, vitamins and support of the nervous system. Meal is better to break for 5-6 times, especially those who work in the office. In no case do not eliminate protein foods from your diet: eggs, cheese, nuts, cottage cheese, as well as seafood. The nervous system will help support dried fruits. For a snack is best suited nuts.

The main thing in the diet for Gemini – to control calorie intake. It is also worth excluding sweets. Not very suitable for Gemini raw foods.


Crayfish are hostages of their stomachs. They, like no one else, should monitor their diet and follow a diet. Representatives of this sign are shown beef and seafood. Among vegetables, special attention should be paid to tomatoes, beans, cauliflower and celery. From fruits give preference to pomegranate, persimmon and apricots. Also, do not forget about dairy products and spices.

You will become much slimmer if you stop abusing salty food and chocolate. Drink plenty of water and green tea.

a lion

Like real predators, female Lions love meat. Also, they are not averse to eat something salty or sweet – such are the extremes. That’s the trouble. Choose turkey and chicken from the meat. From vegetables, give preference to tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini in any form. And in the diet should add olives and olives. And of course, Lions need delicacies – caviar or exotic fruits.

Any white diet is suitable, only if there are fasting days when it is allowed to drink only juices and kefir.


Ovolacto-vegetarianism would be very nice for virgins when dairy products and eggs are included in the diet. Separate food with simple products is also perfect. Pasta and bread are not prohibited, but only without butter and sauces. But remember to avoid spicy and fried foods.

By the way, Virgo is the only sign that is forbidden to lose weight. After all, Virgos have such a fragile nervous system that all stresses and experiences lead to exhaustion. Just eat healthy food.


In Libra’s diet is usually in excess of sweet and salty. Remember: no herring, cucumbers and salted fish in the evening! Because of the tendency to vascular diseases, it is recommended to use currants, cranberries and viburnum. The best breakfast is oatmeal or sprouted cereals. It is worth refusing spicy and spicy dishes.

The best diet is a minimum of foods. Everything is allowed, but in small quantities. Eating in exquisite places is the best compensation for the feeling of hunger.


Scorpions have a passion for various world cuisines, especially with an abundance of spices and pepper, and they are very picky about the contents of their plate. But addiction to various exotic dishes can result in a metabolic disorder. You can pamper yourself with seafood delicacies.

To lose weight, Scorpio needs to consume more fermented milk products, including drinking whey. And of course, there are apples, peaches, watermelons, oranges and grapefruits.


In their youth, Sagittarius girls are very active, so their love for food has no external manifestations. But over the years, they are given career and family, so tend to gain extra weight. In addition, Streltsov sufficiently weak liver and nervous system. Therefore, the choice of products should be given special attention. Also the problem of Streltsov is the excessive consumption of fluid.

Exclude from the diet smoked, and sauces, seasonings, salt and sugar, use the minimum. Meat is ideal lean pork, which can be replaced with soy. Greens, fruits and vegetables should be at the head of the daily menu. The main rule – do not eat or drink at night.


The metabolism of Capricorns is very slow, which is why the bone system is the first to suffer. Therefore, you need to include in the diet as much as possible dairy products, fish, eggs and butter, which help to absorb vitamin D. Breakfasts for representatives of this sign are simply necessary. Before meals, it does not hurt to drink a glass of dry red wine that helps digestion.

You are contraindicated fasting. Optimally once a week to arrange fasting days and close the refrigerator after 18:00. Drink herbal infusions.


Representatives of this sign are still sweet. Therefore, the first thing to do is to limit the number of desserts. No more than half the chocolate (black) or cake per day. Tea and coffee drink without sugar. Meat choose only white, and bake fish. But milk, kefir, rice, pasta and vegetable salads – use as many souls as you wish.

It is enough to clean the body every six months with a diet based on porridge, fruits and vegetables. Have dinner no later than 15:00, and have dinner no later than 19:00.


Fish are very prone to overwork and fullness. Include in the diet as much as possible seafood and sea kale. Give up canned, roasted and spicy. Eat foods that contain a lot of iron and phosphites: grapes, apples, pomegranates, nuts.

It is enough to follow the simple rules of eating: a hearty breakfast, lunch with soup and a light dinner. Do not overeat, and if this happened, sit for a week on a diet based on cereal, vegetables and fish.

You need to keep track of your diet no matter what sign you were born under. Do not forget to share useful information with your friends on social networks!

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