Rating of the most touchy zodiac signs. Better not to joke with them!

Surely you noticed that some people are very easy to offend even with a sidelong glance. Others do not differ in such suspiciousness. Still others are hot-tempered and angry, but just as quickly depart. It turns out that touchiness, like other character traits, is determined by the sign of the zodiac.

Aries are  not vindictive and very appealing. But their temper temper makes you immediately regret what you said or did. If the injuries inflicted on you by the Aries in a fit of anger turn out to be compatible with life, these people will continue to communicate with you, as if nothing had happened.

Virgo, Capricorn  and  Taurus  are not particularly sensitive. They are not angry, but take your behavior for granted. And often cease to communicate with you at all. If you are still deeply wounded them,  Taurus  will be a long time to read to you about your moral depravity,  Virgin  -voznenavidyat you and will calmly take revenge.
Capricorns  often take offense at criticism. Can forgive you if you prove that it was justified.

It is  easy to offend Lviv without appreciating their work / mind / beauty / generosity (choose one or all at once). If Leo is not very upset, then just pretend that you do not exist for him. Retrieving the location of this sign is just as easy – just praise it.

Aquarius, Libra  and  Gemini are  very vulnerable. They are not inclined to take revenge on the offender, but the  Twins  can pretty badly quarrel with you and run away from home, slamming the door.
Scales  love to show how much you hurt them. They will sulk like a child until you ask them for forgiveness. These people are not vindictive at all.
Aquarius  is just disappointed in you and leave without further explanation. There is no need for them to waste time on such a nothingness like you.

Sagittarius  – one of the kindest signs of the zodiac. But do not abuse their kindness.
As representatives of the fire sign, these people have a violent temperament.
Instead of killing you quickly, they will slowly carry out your brain with teachings and try to set you on the right path. Sincerely ask them for forgiveness or pretend to be dead.

Signs of the water element,  Cancer, Scorpio  and  Pisces  – very vulnerable and touchy.
The fish will  very quickly forgive you, but they will still feel sorry for themselves for a very long time.
Scorpios  will retaliate, elegantly and coolly. That’s really who you need to be careful.

But the first place on sensitivity is occupied by  Cancer .
These people are very impressionable. Others need to be very sensitive in dealing with them, as any small thing can hurt them. Being offended, they close in themselves, and it will be very difficult to beg forgiveness from them.

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