Zodiac signs that are not suitable for their era.
Perhaps you have often thought about the impact on you of time and the modern world. If so, then the answer to the question of what epoch you would live better, you can find, focusing on … on your birthday.

Zodiac signs do not always feel good in the world around them. Not all of us feel wonderful and “at ease” in the modern era. Do you feel dissatisfied with this crazy modern lifestyle?

You can not understand the people you meet on the street, you feel like a black sheep in a team? Or maybe you experience constant discomfort from the fact that even your closest ones do not share your worldview and value systems?

The reason for these feelings you can find in … own zodiac sign. Here are representatives of the zodiacal circle, who would feel much better at another time. They are not suitable for their era, and this is why.


People born under the sign of Virgo, for all their practicality and pedantry deep inside, are very sensitive and romantic creatures. They are not suitable for their era.

These men and women have an open mind, are intelligent, love to delve into abstract topics related to culture and art. Virgos love to communicate with nature, they feel their full agreement with her and unity. The hustle and bustle of the city prefer a relaxing holiday in nature.

Often turn to natural means of treatment and rehabilitation, because they pay great attention to their lifestyle and nutrition, health. They pay great attention to ecology, treat all living things with attention and respect. People born under this zodiac sign, respect other people (and if criticized, it is connected with the desire not to humiliate, but to do something good, useful for humans) and strive for self-improvement.

Virgos would feel best in the era of the Renaissance and the New Age, when humanism reigned, that is, unlimited faith in the human being, in the human mind and high ideals.

a lion

If you belong to the sign of the Zodiac Leo, it means that you are distinguished by wisdom and resourcefulness, interpretation. As for the present, then for you the greatest and complexity, and at the same time pain is that smart people are not valued as high as they should be. Lions are not suitable for their era.

You often fail because of no fault of yours. You notice that some rewards, bonuses, and so on, are received by people who are not the most intellectually developed, but who are able to slip in on time, to show off with completely different qualities and virtues.

People sign Leo love to deepen their knowledge of the world and honestly strive for a goal. Modernity with its fussiness, superficiality, consumer attitude to life, the motto “the end justifies the means” suppresses Lviv.

People of this zodiac sign would be best to live in ancient times, when wisdom was equated with a deity. The heyday of ancient literature and philosophy is in complete harmony with the lion bent and love of reading.


Twins are people with an independent mind, warriors who are not in the least afraid to express their opinions. People of this zodiac sign love to talk on socio-political issues, to argue, to defend their point of view. They are not suitable for their era.

Competition spurs them, helps them achieve goals, so the best time for them would be the Middle Ages.

Many Twins love the gloom, the darkness, and often work best at night. This harmonizes well with the general characteristic of the Middle Ages, which is defined as “dark”, “dark”.

In addition, Gemini characterizes not only the existence of their own opinions, but also the love of beer and honey, which were poured in hectoliters in the Middle Ages.


Cancers love to stand out from the crowd. This zodiac sign is not distinguished by a special inner harmony, crystal clear thinking and moderation in all its manifestations. Those born during this period usually do something exclusively under the influence of their emotions.

They love when something happens in their lives, and also love to spend money. At the same time, Cancers are not averse to emptying their wallet or card for low practical things .

It is important that they stand out and attract attention. Therefore, the Cancers would live well in the 17th century, when baroque prevailed. Luxury, immoderation and pomp – this is what Cancers would very much fit. They are not suitable for their era

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