Angels and Demons of the Zodiac Signs

In each person there lives good and evil, the Angel and the Demon, who try to pull the soul to their side. Interestingly, according to the horoscope, each of us has our own Angels and Demons, who follow us throughout our lives.


Behind Aries stands the Demon of Hate and the Angel of Sincerity and Openness. The dark side of the character of Aries pours into the world rage, intransigence, unwillingness to admit their mistakes, impudence and rashness. Angel’s manifestation is openness, honesty, activity and optimism.


Taurus in life is accompanied by the Demon of Wrath and Stinginess and the Angel of Loyalty and Compassion. The demon instructs Taurus on the path of wealth, money, demanding to forget about the spiritual. The Angel of Allegiance, on the contrary, tells Taurus that the most important of all benefits is friendship, love, and family.


The twins are defeated by the Devil of Deceit and the Angel of Cheerfulness. Listening to their Demon, Gemini begins to lie, hypocrite, and flatter for profit.

And the Angel of Vitality is always ready to help overcome difficulties and instill confidence in yourself, you just need to turn to the light.


Cancer is influenced by the Demon of Lies and the Angel of Feelings. Putting closer to his demon, Cancer becomes a real manipulator. He is inclined to inspire people with feelings of guilt, to bring loved ones with his tears and tantrums, thereby achieving his own. Angel Raku gives the ability to charity and compassion.

a lion

Next to Leo are the Demon of Vanity and the Angel of Generosity. The demon seeks to make him a boastful, arrogant and proud man, and the Demon of Generosity fills his heart with love for people, making him generous, disinterested, sympathetic and kind-hearted.


Behind the Maiden are the Demon of Envy and Discontent and the Angel of Constancy and Protection. The demon of Envy poisons the soul, instills discontent towards life, delivers Virgos from friends and loved ones.

The Angel of Constancy and Protection makes the Virgin a strong spirit, reliable and wise man.


Libra has the Demon of Moods and the Angel of Measure. The demon of this Zodiac sign carries doubts, indecision, inconstancy into his life. Angel Measures makes Libra harmonious in everything, strong internally and beautiful externally.


Behind the Scorpion is the Demon Revenge and the Angel of Truth. Demon Revenge with incredible speed destroys all the good and bright that is in the life of Scorpio. He quickly infects his soul and thoughts with negative thoughts and envy.

The Angel of Truth helps the Scorpios to turn to the light, to accept themselves and the world around them as they are. The Angel of Light gives this Zodiac sign the power to move forward.


Sagittarius is surrounded by the Demon of Arrogance and the Angel of Justice. The demon causes Sagittarius to be arrogant and arrogant, not to accept criticism. But deep down he is a fighter for justice, honesty, and he strives for something lofty, in which the Angel of Justice helps him.


Next to Capricorn are the Demon Indifference and Coldness and the Angel of Endurance. The demon wakes up in Capricorn at the moment when he was betrayed, pushed, offended. In moments of disappointment and bitterness, the Demon of Indifference and Coldness begins to activate.

Next to him, Capricorn is difficult to make friends again, to love, to communicate well with others. The Demon of Stamina helps him overcome difficulties and frustrations and remain himself no matter what.


In Aquarius, the Demon of Alienation and the Angel of Friendship fight. Subject to his demon, Aquarius shows disrespect and disregard for others. His Demon does not allow good people to come to him, does not allow to make friendship and family .

The Angel of Friendship reminds Aquarius that he has a good heart and that he risks being alone if he continues to listen to his Demon.


Pisces has the Demon of Vices and the Angel of Love. Listening to your demon, Pisces often sink to the bottom – alcohol, drugs, debauchery and cruelty appear in their lives. But they can always turn to their Angel of Love for help in order to become kinder, merciful and softer.

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