Choose the period in which you were born and learn a little more about yourself

Choose the period in which you were born, and learn a little more about yourself. Astrologers say that the date of birth, as well as the location of the planets, can tell a lot about a person’s character. We are accustomed to focus on horoscopes on the signs of the zodiac, according to which all people are divided into 12 categories. However, each category has its own subcategory, which we will tell you today.

We offer you a detailed horoscope for the periods of birth.


January 1–10

People born during this period do not tolerate fuss and controversy. They are very attached to their loved ones, hardworking and patient. Just achieve their own, do not envy others. Very ambitious. Need peace and a sense of security. Possess such qualities as politeness, honesty, justice, innovation, love attention, most often enthusiasts and do not give up under any circumstances.

January 11–19

Smart, talented and logical people. Appreciate education and do not lose their skills. Man of his word. easily transfers his creative ideas to everyday life and quickly knows how to determine what is needed and what is not. Where necessary, can be tough. Able to think simultaneously in different directions. Strongly developed observation talent. Successful in work.

January 20–29

A person born during this period has the following qualities: candor, ingenuity and originality at the same time; appreciates a strong friendship, but is able to control his feelings and acts logically; thinks often and productively; quickly learn, practical, with an analytical mindset; walks ahead of his time and easily overcomes difficulties; does not like restrictions.

Frank, inventive and original person at the same time. Appreciates true friendship, but is able to control his emotions and acts in accordance with logic. He thinks often and productively, quickly trained, practical, with an analytical mindset. He goes one step ahead of his time and easily overcomes difficulties; does not tolerate restrictions.

January 30 – February 8

Distinctive features for a person of this period: ingenuity, quick thinking, honesty and benevolence towards people, therefore he does not like insincere people. He has a gift for learning foreign languages, is eloquent and can easily attract attention in any society. Has a developed sense of humor. He is intelligent and has the power of persuasion easily adopts the experience of other people. Achieves results in a short way. He respects science and adores disputes and discussions.

February 9–18

The representative of this time period loves adrenaline and new sensations. Appreciates freedom and is a pioneer in everything. He loves new places, carefully watches the fashion and is able to create new things that are original. Does not tolerate the routine, has a wide circle of friends. Very selective, good observer and has success with the opposite sex.

February 19–29

This person has a good imagination, is attentive to relatives and does not tolerate conflicts. Also responsive, able to experience pity and compassion. It has a positive attitude and developed creative abilities. He tries not to condemn and is ready to change himself; in difficult situations, he can move on without losing his guide. Romantic and sincere in love.

March 1–10

The man, who was born in early March, is very sensitive. He solves the emotions and feelings of other people, while respecting them. Family for him in the first place, but prone to bad habits. Sometimes fickle, modest enough and loved by society. May plunge into love. Practically incapable of bad deeds, and takes a long time to worry if someone treats him unfairly. Versatile gifted and has a developed intuition. Enjoys the interest of the opposite sex.

March 11–20

This is a person with a rich imagination who can be successful in almost any field, because able to turn a dream into life; he directs his life force to the realization of goodness and beauty; possesses the gift of foresight and supernatural abilities, which are strengthened by time spent alone; can affect people; It has powerful positive energy and is easy to trust.

March 21–31

These people are very strong in terms of physical development; they clearly see their goals and move steadily towards them; their requests are high, and they never refuse the desired; they do not like to obey orders and are ready to go only along the path they have outlined; attractive, sexy and rarely alone.

April 1–10

Very lively and individualized people: a person, from which creative energy flows like a river; they make great actors because they can express themselves; good managers can easily affect others; able to achieve the desired; know how to live and enjoy life.

They are characterized by individuality, very mobile and lively people. Creative energy flows out of them. They don’t make great actors, because they can express themselves;

April 10–20

These people enjoy exploring and exploring the unknown. They are open and love communication; friendly, loyal, generous and responsive; possess confidence, fair, love praise; tend to learn foreign languages ​​and sometimes spend money unnecessarily.

April 20–30

A person who was born in the specified period is inclined to draw hasty conclusions, to make rash actions or hasty decisions. He should approach each of the emerging issues carefully, while maximally considering each subsequent step, without hurrying to perform any actions. Every word of Taurus should be balanced, it should not be in a hurry with any conclusions, it should even consider each of those thoughts that are born in its head, and the conclusions can wait a little.

May 1–10

This is a man of high mental abilities who values ​​the same thing in other people – intelligence and education; possesses strong intuition; concentrates on his own interests, but, at the same time, likes to observe the outside world; extremely eloquent; easily solves people; has excellent organization skills and is able to work in a team; others listen to him; connoisseur of freedom.

May 11–20

These are overly cautious, suspicious and suspicious people who, before doing something, will carefully think over and analyze everything. It is difficult to communicate with them and relatives, and colleagues. But if someone from the environment often falls into trouble, they are very hard going through another’s misfortune and sacrifice everything to help to save a friend. Darkness and unsociation is only a mask that such people wear to hide and protect themselves. Only trust in people, openness, faith in one’s own strength, ability to enjoy life will make them happy and successful.

May 21–31

These people are diversified and resourceful, logical and consistent; welcome innovations and enjoy new acquaintances; value information, are curious and eager for knowledge; have a sharp mind, excellent oratorical abilities; smart enough to beat the enemy alone.

June 1–10

People born during this period love stability. Before taking any steps, they will think thoroughly, appreciate, and only then make the right decision. Unexpected changes terrify them, causing doubts. But if they understand all the benefits of change, they quickly adapt and get used to them, they do not accept stagnation. A person born at this time is an excellent family man, he is attentive to relatives and caring.

June 11–21

These people have modern thinking, they are able to think objectively and impartially; attract people to themselves, quickly get closer to them and can come to an agreement with many, but long friendships are more important for them; freedom-loving; act logically and deliberately; they are attracted to all unusual and original; the way they think, is pleasant to many, therefore the support from the society is always provided; strong-willed, creative, with a developed sense of personal dignity; not willing to put up with injustice.

June 22–30

People born in this period of time have a rather complicated character, which is the cause of trouble in love relationships and the inconstancy of partners. The excessive pride of such people prevents them from taking the first step towards reconciliation, even in those cases when their guilt is obvious, therefore relations usually end in the initial stage of their development. Such a character trait is detrimental to family relationships, so people born in this period must learn to cope with their feelings and control passions. Their only path to well-being and happiness is hard work on their vices and weaknesses, daily, deep self-analysis and the desire for self-development.

July 1–11

Born in the first days of July loves to think, has a great intuition. Progressive thinking and positive. His inner light makes it possible to tune in a good way, dispelling doubts not only his own, but those around him; does not make superficial people. Often prefers to check before you begin to trust someone. Able to focus on the development of willpower and mental abilities. Appreciates safety and strength.

July 12–22

People born on these days should be a little friendlier, be open to others, and should not be too suspicious. It is necessary to be tolerant, to understand that the people around them have a benevolent attitude, that not always everything has to be won back. If you cope with these shortcomings, then indecision and a sense of fear will leave those born during this period.

July 23 – August 1

People born during this period are endowed with perseverance and perseverance, along with this, they are ambitious, selfish and calculating. They have a prickly disposition associated with a lack of a sense of humor, However, the trials that fall to their lot are within their power. They say about such people that the world rests on their shoulders. Their tendency to analyze and rational self-esteem creates in them a sense of justice and the ability to cherish true values.

2–12 August

It is always pleasant to talk with them, they are easy-going and cheerful. Distracted from everyday problems. Diligent, never waste money. Appreciate quality, do not offend others, are generous. They love to travel and discover the unknown. Strong in spirit, able to keep secrets. Enough freedom-loving, do not tolerate when they are told.

August 13–22

At the first meeting it may seem that these people are somewhat arrogant. But this is nothing more than a mask – their life has taught them to be. These people should be able to relax, be softer, and also remember that most problems arise due to overwork.

August 23 – September 1

People whose birthday is celebrated at this time are capable of demanding strict compliance with decrees and various instructions from others, but they themselves are not always clearly implemented. They, like nobody, often find themselves in non-standard situations, they can be accused of various misconducts and oversights, which they did not commit and because of what they have to constantly make excuses. They need to learn to build relationships with people, believe in themselves and love life. They should be more responsible themselves before demanding this from others.

September 2–12

Such a person is serious about life and tries to make firm decisions; his demands and expectations are logical and very real, and he is hardworking and planning his future; is disciplined, responsible and ready to make efforts to fulfill his goals or duties, also has experience in professional matters, is tactful; it is important to trust him, because he himself keeps his word.

September 13–22

This is the time of birth of calm and balanced people with a cheerful character, who give warmth and joy to others. Sociable, benevolent Virgins of the third decade have many friends, enjoy the well-deserved respect of others, basking in love.

September 23 – October 2

People born on this day are often contradictory. They are characterized by drastic mood swings, which often cause confusion and rejection among loved ones and those around them. To avoid making mistakes in life, born on September 24, individuals must learn to be more collected, responsible. Only cultivating self-discipline, prudence, concentrating one’s strength and energy in the right direction, will lead them to success.

October 3–13

People born during this period are distinguished by their beauty and grace, they have a cheerful spark inside them, which allows them to joke and have fun, since this humor is always good-natured and gentle. Near them is interesting, cozy and reliable.

October 14–23

As a rule, people born on these days are punctual, diligent, have goals in life. Attentive enough to other people, provide the necessary assistance without any requests. But they do not always have enough self-confidence, they are often offended and are intolerant of the faults of others.

October 24 – November 1

They are characterized by perseverance and courage, which helps to achieve success and gain the attention of the lady luck, they are respected by others. But stubbornness is a strong minus of their character; it creates obstacles on the way. So that it does not outweigh the mind, those born during this period must learn flexibility and tact. They tend to get tired quickly, taking on more than they can accomplish, so they should find a balance between rest and work in order to fully recuperate. After all, everyone knows the indisputable truth about good rest, after which it works much more efficiently.

November 2–11

They tend to distrust and suspicion of others. Therefore, they are often mixed up in trouble. But in diligence they can not refuse, they were given a great patience from birth. They need to try to be open to the world, so that the world is open to themselves, you should not accept other enemy invaders and feel the supposedly ill will and negative attitude towards yourself.

November 12–22

These are people who hide a lot from the rest, they are very restrained. And at the same time from them waterfalls can chatter, they often show impatience. Therefore, it is not surprising that what they planned might fail and go wrong, just someone more enterprising and less talkative could outrun them. They have good health and great labor potential. Therefore, it is impossible to manage without skillful distribution of your time for work and relaxation for those born during this period. Otherwise, overwork will lead to serious consequences in a state of health.

November 23 – December 1

The moral qualities of these people are incredibly high. They are honest, self-confident, have a strong faith and live according to conscience, respect the feelings of others and value education and knowledge. Optimism they do not hold, can foresee the situation. Despite the fact that they are not very dependent on love, they always protect and value their relatives. Elegance and erudition – that is what attracts them to other people. They can point the right way and become a good mentor.

2–11 December

Representatives of the beginning of December are very courageous and active people who do not accept anything that they are not sure of. They have a cheerful disposition, constant movement, publicity, sociability, which leads them to acquire a large number of acquaintances. Energetic, they rush headlong through life. In their work, they are responsible and initiative.

December 12–21

By nature, intelligent, honest, noble, graceful and follow high ideals. People born at this time can be trusted in all situations. They carry knowledge, give practical advice and are devoid of selfishness. But they should be patient and able to find compromises.

December 22–31

People born at the end of December can take responsibility. They clearly know what they want and make the right and appropriate decisions. Disciplined, due to which they can overcome great difficulties. They can be trusted. Prone to introspection and sometimes pessimistic. Can adapt to terms and conditions; trust and respect in love is paramount to them, they value and care for their partner.

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