Who are you Mayan Zodiac Signs_ Incredibly Exactly!Who are you Mayan Zodiac Signs_ Incredibly Exactly!Who are you Mayan Zodiac Signs? Incredibly Exactly! O-fi-get !! Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology! No one doubts that the Maya Indians knew a lot about astrology. Here is their zodiac!

CHEN: January 2 – 21. 

People born under the sign of Chen are people of the night. Their energy begins to grow immediately after the sun sets. The full moon makes these people desperate, wild and incredibly purposeful. To curb their temper and cope with the flow of thoughts in their head, the Mayan Indians recommended that people of this sign practice meditation.

YASH: January 22 – February 10. 

The behavior of these people is largely controlled by the planet Venus. It was she who gave them an innate love of nature and I live in everything. You are a gentle and caring person. Great diplomats and negotiators are made from people like you. You were born to smooth out conflicts and reconcile irreconcilable parties.

The highest value for you is harmony. Is not it?

SAK: February 11 – March 2.

People born under the sign of Saka work best and show themselves at noon. They are most suitable for daytime. They grow together with the sun, are very hardworking and always take on the task of any complexity.

Your favorite destination is north, and your mascot is a frog. You are strong and flexible like these animals. Most of all in life you value quick changes. The pace and joy of change is your everything.

KEN: March 3-22.

People born under the sign of Ken love nature and often become environmental activists. Their passion is fiery, their favorite color is red, and their main value is power and energy!

Maya Indians recommended people like you to spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially in the forest. This will help add optimism and charge you with new energy. Your totem animal is a deer.

MAK: March 23 – April 11.

The Mack sign is one of the greatest mysteries of the Maya Indians. People like you love secrets, mysteries and puzzles. Of course, you also hide your true essence from the outside world. It seems to you that the main value of this world is knowledge. If you know a person, his weakness is 100%, then his will is in your pocket.

Your favorite number is 3. This number is a symbol of both balance and divinity.

KANKIN: April 12 – May 1.

People born under the sign of Kankin, more sharply than others, feel love for the earth and the sun above their heads. They recognize the need to work hard to achieve happiness. If you’ve got down to something, you’ll never calm down before you finish it.

An animal that suits you in spirit is a dog. Like these noble creatures, you are famous for your loyalty, devotion and strength of character.

MUVAN: May 2 – 21.

These people are one complete contradiction. They have two patronizing elements at once – Fire and Water. What happens when they connect? Storm!

You are full of indefatigable energy which constantly beats out of you with a key. You are not always able to manage it; therefore, you are prone to impulsive actions and rash decisions.

All this is surprisingly combined with wisdom in you. That’s why your totem animal is an owl! Only you can look into the darkness and see the Truth there.

PEX: May 22 – June 10.

People born under the sign of Pax are born leaders. They draw strength from the people around them and, as a rule, move only directly and only forward. Their element is water vapor: it is a mixture of water, earth and fire.

KAYAB: June 11-30.

These are the people of the moon. They adore everything spiritual and difficult to understand. You probably have a much deeper outlook on the world than everyone else.

You don’t like to talk about mundane things. As well as how to equip your life. You were born for more! You can read between the lines better than others, and from your very youth you are famous for your incredible wisdom.

KUMKU: July 1 – 20.

These people are born politicians and manipulators. They love debate and debate, are famous for their intelligence and wisdom.

There is nothing sweeter for you than winning an intellectual competition. At the same time, you quickly think to everyone, quickly make decisions. As for the ability to adapt, you truly have no equal! Change never scared you. And power always beckoned like a magnet.

WAYEB: July 21 – 25.

The Mayans considered people born under this sign a real anomaly. It is understandable: there are not many days allotted for this sign, so there cannot be many such people a priori.

Veyeb comes to the world in order to bring him harmony, and to people – the ability to compromise and negotiate. You are a man of balance, intelligence and rare luck. If there is anything in the world that you cannot stand, it is negative!

Wherever you appear, you will always be accompanied by success and success. And the people around will be glad to see you!

POP: July 26 – August 14.

People of this sign are also leaders. But their peculiarity is a passion for grandiose scales and designs. You have always had few achievements, you tirelessly strive for hegemony in everything you undertake.

You feel calm and comfortable only if you are busy with some extraordinary business.

WU: August 15 – September 3.

These people are very similar to those born under the sign of Chen. Your time is night, your main quality is wisdom. But at the same time, you can draw energy from the sun. In these contradictions – all your essence and mystery.

SIP: September 4 – 23.

People born under this sign are known for their generosity and nobility. Your strength lies in your honesty and your need for justice. Your favorite place is the forest, and your totem animal is the deer.

People like you usually achieve great success in life and enjoy absolute authority among those around you.

SOTTS: September 24 – October 13.

These people have two totem animals: a bat and a fish. This means that you can easily adapt to any, even the newest habitat and at the same time do not feel any discomfort.

You feel best in two elements: air and sea. Whatever you do in life, you will still be easy and comfortable. The whole secret is in your special, “light” attitude towards life.

But be careful: those around you are envious and will not miss the chance to ruin your fate. Just out of harm.

SEC: October 14 – November 2.

People like you possess both the charm of the sky and the beauty of the universe as a whole. Only you can solve problems so effectively! And only you can find several solutions for the “unsolvable” problem.

For your colleagues and partners in life, you are a real gift. Because you always know what to do, where to move and what to do, and what not.

KSUL: November 3 – 22.

People born under this sign are especially closely associated with the world of spirits. Your totem is a dog, so for others you are the embodiment of fidelity, devotion and friendliness.

You are very strong, confident in yourself, and your family is your main value.

YAKSKIN: November 23 – December 12.

These people were considered direct descendants of the sun god Ah Kina. Your goal and your calling is to help others, to protect people from darkness and disease.

That is why you are often called a healer by nature, even if you are engaged in some other profession. It is to you most often come to cry in a vest.

Your only flaw is indecision. Unfortunately, this cannot actually be fixed. So it’s better to learn to accept yourself as you are.

MOL: December 13 – January 1.

Moles are people who bring happiness and blessing to others. Maya Indians turned to them when they asked higher powers for rain. From people like you, you often make strong spiritual leaders.

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