Characteristics of men by zodiac sign. The most accurate and honest!Characteristic of men by zodiac sign. The most accurate and honest!Characteristics of men according to the zodiac sign. The most accurate and honest! I was simply amazed, it seems that the characteristic of Cancers was written off from my husband! Yes, and all the familiar men, one in one! This is truly a complete encyclopedia of men. You will find few such detailed specifications. Sometimes astrology can entertain, and sometimes it really helps a lot. The tips in these characteristics are very sensible. It is a pity that I did not read this horoscope, as soon as I got married, I am sure that many conflicts could be avoided. So, rather read this article – you will be pleasantly surprised by the veracity of the information!

Aries man

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

Aries man dramatically changes from one state to another. He just burned with passion, and a moment before you have an iceberg. If you offend him or he simply loses interest in you (or maybe both at the same time), you will feel a dramatic change in yourself immediately. To get his attention again, you have to start from scratch.

Aries are full of ideas and creative energy, so being with them is constantly sometimes tiring, but not boring. They are fast and swift, and if you are a snail by nature, it will be difficult for you to keep up with Aries; besides, he has no habit of looking back, and you may get lost along the way. Aries usually look younger than their years, maturity and growing up come to them. later than to others, do not forget about it. Aries Man is impatient, decisive and self-confident; he seeks to get ahead of everyone, sometimes even himself. Sometimes he is generosity itself, shares with people everything that he has, and at the same time he is intolerant, forgetful, unbearably demanding and selfish if his desires are not fulfilled immediately.

Aries man’s attitude towards love is amazing. He surrenders to his beloved with all his fervor, sincerely believing that this is the only love in the world (with the possible exception of Romeo and Juliet). When the novel suddenly collapses, Aries rushes with the same passion to glue the broken shards, and if he does not succeed, with the same faith and no less passion starts an affair with the new Juliet, where everything is repeated again. Regardless of the serial number of the novel: whether it is the first or one hundred and first, Aries firmly believes that this is true. In love, Aries of pure water is idealistic and so sentimental that you will not miss a single sigh, look or groan, enveloping your relationship with a haze of sublime poetry. He does not do anything in half, and therefore, all is given to love, without a trace.

Sometimes, among Aries, there seem to be seemingly more calm creatures. But do not be fooled. Aries is Aries, and Mars protects any Aries. Is your Aries not very talkative? Is he calm and not splashing with energy? This is only an appearance. The brain of any Aries rotates at a speed of 200 revolutions per second.

None of the other signs of the zodiac is as true in love as Aries (unless, of course, true love). Honest by nature, he will never cheat on you and, being an idealist, he won’t even think about it.

Aries, if his beloved is not romantic enough, is first upset, then angry, and finally sets off in search of a new, less mundane, beloved. And such an act cannot be called dishonest on his part. He didn’t break promises. You deceived his expectations. You promised him to be a wonderful nightingale, but in fact you turned out to be an annoying jay. Your voice seemed to him the voice of an angel, and you scream at him so that his eardrums burst. And most importantly, why? He only stayed up late two nights in a row with friends, and you throw a tantrum, as if he had committed a crime. What do you allow yourself? Marriage, in his view, is not a prison, but he is not a prisoner, you must learn it well.

If you still learn to look languidly at him and try not to lose your charm for him, he will gladly prefer you to all the other women in the world, especially since Aries is very rarely attached to several women at the same time (if only, God forbid, he was not in the family of any of the Gemini or Venus did not have a bad location at the time of his birth). Several novels at once simply do not correspond to his idea of ​​single, unique love. He will never have a new romance without breaking with the former.

If you think that you can correct the relationship, causing his jealousy, throw these thoughts out of your head once and for all. Your first betrayal will most likely be the last. Aries will not tolerate not only genuine betrayal, but even a slight flirting and flirting with another man. Aries loves to reign everywhere and in everything, including in your heart; he is a terrible proprietor and jealous. But, worse, he allows himself much of what is personally denied to you; at the same time, he requires you to have absolute faith in your infallibility.

Be aware that behind the self-confidence and aggressiveness in the character of Aries often lies a well-masked inferiority complex in which the true Aries is not recognized even under pain of death. And if you will be able to heal the moral injuries inflicted on him by tenderness and devotion, the heart of your Aries will undoubtedly belong to you. Never try to prove Aries that he is wrong, even if you are sure of it. You must learn to see the world through his eyes: to love what he loves and to hate his enemies. This is his principle of life, and if you cannot follow it, it is better to look for another man for yourself. All pretense is foreign to the nature of Aries; you will immediately feel that he has cooled off to you, according to the alienated tone with which he will address you. At the same time, the furious outbursts of anger that he unleashes on you quickly subside and most likely indicate only temporary discontent. That is why Aries’ coldness is much worse than his anger.

The game is not peculiar to Aries nature. He is always direct and truthful in all his manifestations – both in deeds and in love. As soon as he realizes that he loves, he will not lose a second, but let him play the leading game. Do not pursue him, do not bother with your calls and do not declare his love to him until you are convinced that you are reciprocated. The best way to lose Aries is to take the initiative in your own hands. Aries must be a leader, otherwise his interest in you will disappear so quickly that you will not have time to blink an eye. But when he confesses his love to you, discard the coldness and excessive modesty, otherwise he will seek warmth elsewhere. Love with an Aries man is akin to balancing on a rope, and you yourself look like a tightrope walker. You have to keep it in constant tension, maintaining interest in yourself, but at the same time he must be completely confident in you. As you can see, the game is not easy. But if you want to save Aries, learn to play it.

The positive side of the relationship with Aries can be considered the one that after a quarrel, he is usually the first to apologize and the first to come to your aid. If you are sick or in trouble. Aries will always be with you. He will generously spend money on you ”will not miss the opportunity to give you a compliment, he will openly admire your appearance and talents. He is quick-tempered over trifles, but this state quickly passes. You can become the greatest value in his life, and he will certainly tell you about it, but at the same time he is pleased when you sincerely share his hobbies and listen to his opinion. Aries strives to be everything to you and at the same time, unlike other men, will happily reveal itself to you. Aries wants his girlfriend to be feminine herself, and at the same time her boyfriend; he loves independence in you, but still such so that he remains the leader. He longs for adoration and devotion on your part, but not slavish, but with dignity. How, after all of the above, do you still want to stay with Aries? Commendable. Then, under the curtain, a few more touches of his character. He can break loose and say offensive things (which, however, he doesn’t think about), but you must forgive and forget everything as quickly as he does. You should like all his friends, although he reserves the right not to love yours. What do you want? You have chosen a real man, and in the person of your Aries you have him. And if you are a real woman, then Romeo and Juliet (without a sad ending, of course) will be envied by everyone around you. If you became the wife of Aries, he will be the head of the family. He will not tolerate any remarks from you, either in public or in private. Especially with regard to money. In the end, this is his money, he earned it. You can not say that he was a good financier at the same time, but do not try to interfere in his financial affairs. If he is a typical Aries, he will never spare money for you and give you as much as you want. He will be happy to buy you a snake-leather handbag, but only after he gets a crocodile case (if, of course, there is money left after his purchase). He is, of course, selfish, but by no means stingy. Of course, after his purchase there will be money). He is, of course, selfish, but by no means stingy. Of course, after his purchase there will be money). He is, of course, selfish, but by no means stingy.

Although Aries, until it starts its own business, can often change jobs, it will not affect your well-being. He will find a way to earn good money, although they will float away quickly. The best advice in this case is to economize the economy and hand over the savings when he will most need the money. Aries rarely put aside “in reserve”, unless, of course, they had something mean in their family or if the Moon (predisposing to economy) did not shine at the time of the birth of Aries, the patroness of Capricorns and Rakov.

Aries is an attentive and proud father, who enthusiastically perceives the birth of a baby (no matter what the account may be). Later, however, he will try to control the children and dictate their future career. In this case, he should be reminded that children love independence no less than he does. Paternity is the role in which Aries feels great. He enjoys playing baseball and football with the kids, talks about birds and bugs, and when the child grows up, he will willingly invite him to the restaurant for a family dinner. All that is required of you is not to let him know that young German or Henrietta means more to you than he does, otherwise his love for children will decrease noticeably.

If you succeeded at work before marriage, you can do this even after getting married, but (especially if you work in the same field) do not try to outshine your husband with your production or creative successes, he will not tolerate this. Aries is one of those husbands who would rather forgive a hastily cooked dinner than lose your interest in him and his affairs.

Do not impede his independence, but tactfully restrain his impulsiveness. He must lead in life, otherwise it loses all meaning to him; Do not suppress his energy and enthusiasm. As soon as he ceases to dominate at work or at home, his optimism will turn into deaf discontent, and then into complete indifference. Remember that he is deprived of the ability to obey. Do not try to break his masculinity, but do not lose your own personality. Do not command them and do not allow him to command himself. Aries husband will not tolerate his wife, who spends every night chatting in a ladies club. And at the same time, he will not like the wife of Klush, who always sticks out at home, doing only household chores. Try to find a middle ground. And if you succeed, after many, many years, at your golden wedding, you will be the only gray-haired Juliet, and next to you will be an aged but always loving Romeo. For the sake of such an excellent perspective, especially if you are romantic by nature – and you cannot help but be if you have chosen Aries as your companions – it is worth living.

Male taurus

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

I wonder how you imagine a Taurus man? Well, firstly, slow, reasonable and cautious and still calm, reasonable, rather mundane and practical to the core. All this is so. And yet, in Taurus there is one more quality that does not follow from all of the above and seems in no way related to them, but is present in it. This is romance.

Does this seem illogical to you? But who said that Taurus obeys only the laws of logic? Indeed, this strong, courageous sign is protected by the planet of love and peace – Venus.

Taurus thinks for a long time before starting to look seriously. He will not rush headlong into the pool. But if he decides that you are his chosen one, he will give a hundred points ahead to all your other fans. Every morning a messenger with a bouquet of flowers will appear to you until you agree to become Taurus’s wife. He can compose a poem in your honor and send it to you without a signature, of course, in the case when he is firmly convinced that you will guess who the sender of the message is. Taurus is a gentle, attentive and caring lover. He will appreciate the aroma of your perfume, the smoothness of your skin and the beauty of your hair. He may not begin to pour out flowery compliments before you, but he will certainly find a way to show you how he appreciates your charms.

Taurus does not like to throw money down the drain, but he likes to see you beautiful, and he will gladly give you exquisite outfits and expensive furs. Soulness is characteristic of Taurus’s soul, and it doesn’t cost him anything to give the old flower girl, from whom he buys flowers for your buttonhole, an amount several times the cost of the bouquet, just because it reminds him of his mother in some way.

Taurus is extremely sensitive to music, it excites him and tunes in a lyrical manner. He definitely has a favorite melody that reminds him of you.

If all that is said to you is still not enough to prove the romance of his nature, I will give a few more examples. By his birthday, Taurus will present you with several beautiful and expensive porcelain and silver baubles that you have long dreamed of, for Christmas he will shower you with gifts no worse than Santa Claus himself. He will offer you a swim in the moonlight, walks and picnics in the most picturesque corners of the forest. February 14, St. Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day), will flood you with humorous verses and passionate messages. If Taurus is caring, then this is real courtship, sustained in the best traditions. He will invite you to dinner in a luxurious restaurant with dim lights and quiet music. Taurus will throughout his life remember the day of the first meeting with you and many other small intimate dates that you yourself have long forgotten about. Well, now I convinced you?

Taurus is not a baseless dreamer, like Aquarius, not a smoothie, like a Lion, and not the creator of castles in the pink clouds – Aries. Having chosen you as a wife, he will first present you for approval the plan of the house in which you will live. This house will not be like Aries castle, but it will be real, solid and reliably insured. With your Taurus husband, you don’t have to worry about anything, your future will fall into safe hands, and after a few years you will laugh, remember the pink castles in the air and passionate sighs under the moon of your former fans. Male Taurus is a reliable purchase, and you will never repent of it in your life.

Taurus builds his well-being with his own hands, gradually, without being distracted by trifles and not hoping for ghostly luck. But real success comes to him, and the state of affairs is such that he and his wife can afford the luxury of winter vacations somewhere in Florida or other exotic places.

But, of course, like all people, Taurus has flaws. Taurus will not tolerate a rude, assertive woman next to her. That is why you must develop softness and perseverance. Do not try to express your opinion at all, let alone interfere in disputes when Taurus’s husband is next to you. He prefers to play the first violin, but you have the role of accompaniment. In private, he will gladly hear your opinion, but God forbid you to speak publicly. This is fraught with grave consequences. If Taurus is a primitive type, he will simply cause you a scandal. If he belongs to more refined natures, then he will punish you with silence and will sit the whole evening with a stone statue, causing the surprised looks of those gathered. You will be ready to fall through the earth.

Of course, you will try your best to get him out of this state, but it will not be easy. The angry Taurus does not cool down immediately. And all because you killed his monologue with some stupid phrase. If your husband after that decisively takes up his coat to go home, the best thing is to follow his example and try to beg forgiveness from him on the way home. Do not get into a quarrel with friends, relatives or friends. This will not only not help, but will further anger Taurus. It is better to resolve the conflict itself and henceforth try to avoid such mistakes.

Taurus is patient, but he will not allow him to insert the ring into his nose. He does not like the bull and jealous women clinging to him, like a man drowning in a straw. He is attracted by elegant, feminine, playful women who will constantly keep him in suspense and intrigue. But at the same time, a woman should know the measure and not overdo it. Taurus will watch with delight what impression his lady makes in society, but only as long as she is prudent enough and does not inflict a blow to his male vanity. There is nothing in the world that Taurus would not do for her lover.

Taurus has an amazing feature. In love, he loses caution and prudence. No advice from friends and relatives can shake his decisions, even if they all assert with one voice that the subject of his passion is not a match for him.

Taurus, the holder of the sign of the Earth, is more suitable for a wife with the signs of Earth and Water than Fire and Air. But in this case too, there are happy alliances – after all, as you know, opposites converge. There are almost no financial problems for Taurus. With his attitude to money, he, if he does not become a millionaire, will in any case have a stable and solid position.

Taurus loves country walks, sports, fishing and hiking, is fond of flower cultivation and gardening. He prefers adventure books and biographies of great conquerors to refined literary genres and philosophical treatises.

Taurus is a real man in everything. He loves well-cooked homemade food and does not tolerate any canned food or sandwiches. That’s why you should get a good cookbook. But don’t think that he wants to turn you into a cook. He will gladly take you to a good restaurant or to a guest (provided that they are well prepared). He himself will never bother in the kitchen, except for a joke.

Taurus is an attentive, loving, caring father. From childhood, he teaches a child to love and respect property. Father Taurus is very seasoned. He never gets angry with a child if he shows insufficient success in his studies, the main thing is that he follows the right path. It may seem to you that Taurus pays too much attention to the material aspect and seduces his children. But he also spares neither time nor emotions for the children, and if necessary, will also show firmness. In general, Father Taurus is a gift of fate, except for those periods when he falls into a rage, which, however, is extremely rare.

Taurus pamper their wives, buying them outfits, perfumes and trinkets, while not forgetting about the environment and products. Taurus love luxury and can afford it.

Taurus works hard and therefore needs a good rest. Make sure that he rests, otherwise it will cause him irritability. Never cut it for slowness. This is akin to waving a red rag in front of the nose of a bull. Taurus lives on its own schedule and to customize it is not only useless, but also unsafe. Taurus loves to receive guests in his own house, but it should be people close to him in spirit. Big noisy companies Taurus avoids.

He can not stand loud sounds (whether it is the voices of people, radio or television), disorder and chaos, scattered things. Let quiet music, beauty and comfort reign in your house. Try to be a real woman, and you will not find a better husband. No one can surround you with such affection, attention and love, and if you take into account the stability and strength of his financial situation, what else can a woman dream of?

Male twin

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

Love brings with it a sense of security from the outside world. You stop being lonely. Near you is a close person who is ready to help always and in everything. But almost every rule has an exception. And this exception is the beloved – the Twin. There is no need to talk about any reliability. He can go to a nearby bakery for bread and return in three days. If you try to find out where he was and what he was doing, your romance will most likely end there. Therefore, if your Twin is very dear to you, pretend that nothing happened, and learn to put up with its unpredictability and inconstancy.

But in the society of the Twin you will never be bored; when he is with you, you will not be with one, but with two, or even three or four men at once.

The Twin Man is a welcome guest in any home. He is unusually cheerful, a pleasant conversationalist, the owner of excellent manners, a master of telling jokes, the soul of the company.

If you happen to meet him at some social event, you will be unconditionally fascinated by him.

But take your time to take the fatal step. Think before you agree to become his wife. Gemini’s thoughts, desires and moods are as changeable as the wind, and you can feel it even before your honeymoon ends.

Caring for you, he may one day come to your house with flowers, perfumes and books (one of which he wrote himself) and invite you to go to the theater or circus. All evening he will give you such attention, smiles, gentle words and assurances of love, from which all other men will immediately fade in your eyes, and you will feel like the happiest woman in the world.

But the next day, when you wait for his call with a sinking heart, he will either cancel the meeting or not call at all. Thousands of doubts will begin to torment you. Maybe you misbehaved? Or was he just joking? Or maybe he was in trouble? Or does he have another woman? Any of these assumptions may be true.

In a week, your lover will appear, but with a completely different mood. He will be viciously sarcastic and annoyed. He will not like everything in you: from lipstick to literary tastes. In another day he will be gloomy and silent, and you will not receive any intelligible answer to all your questions.

If you manage to survive such a change in your beloved, he will again appear cheerful, charming and witty before you, and you will again go to theaters and art galleries, museums and concerts and will again and again be amazed at the breadth of your twin’s interests and erudition. This time he will be even more gentle and attentive to you, and you yourself will not notice how you say “yes” to him.

If you are the type of woman who expects from family life constancy, warmth and comfort, then you are making the wrong choice. In the Gemini mood palette, there are all shades – from sunny yellow and cloudless blue to hopeless gray, and you can’t say that there are more joyful shades.Therefore, I repeat to you once again: if you are romantic and looking for harmony in life, Gemini is definitely not your type of man.

If the Sun at the time of its birth was in the constellation Gemini, the main feature of its character will be variability. Therefore, if you are a player by nature, you can take a chance. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky. But before making a bet, you must know the condition of the game in advance. Ultimately, even among Gemini, there are very persistent and purposeful people who know what they want. A vivid example of this is the late US President John F. Kennedy and Queen Victoria of England. True, these are just two exceptions known to me, on whose characters their high position and responsibility for the fate of states affected.

Loving the Twin is easy and enjoyable, unless you surrender to it with all your passion. Remember, the Twin has a certain spiritual essence peculiar only to him, which he will not share with anyone, even with you. Do not complicate or dramatize your relationship, try to treat everything calmly and simply. Do not bother him, but try to wake his imagination all the time. Do not protest against its variability, but change with it. Be a lively, interesting conversationalist, because the most important thing for Gemini is the intellectual level of the partner. Unlike all other men who are scared away by smart women. The twin would prefer that you sparkle primarily not with outfits, but with a brilliant, honed mind.

Twins often change friends, but this does not come from heartlessness, but from constantly changing interests and from the desire to have partners in interests. Gemini Doesn’t Ask nostalgia for the past, whether it be memories, things, people and places where they lived. Being very sociable by nature, the Twin hates loneliness and, being alone for a long time, can begin to shed tears, but this is nothing more than a manifestation of sentimentality. In general, if you want to attract the attention of the Twin for a long time, do not cling to it, do not expect from it constancy and, most importantly, be an interesting person.

Twins, as a rule, get married more than once, although the later the first marriage is made, the more likely it will be preserved for a long time, it can be forever. But even if the Twin is married only once, he compensates for his desire for duality by two cars, two apartments, two diplomas, two works, two hobbies, etc.

In financial matters, he is also ambiguous. It’s surprisingly generous, even wasteful, it’s fierce. But if you nevertheless compare these two features, then generosity will probably outweigh.

Will he be faithful to you? As he understands this, no doubt, yes. Women feel extraordinary sympathy for Gemini, and he, for his part, is not indifferent to them. Therefore, most likely your life will not be calm. But if you sincerely believe him, he will never allow himself to destroy your faith, you can be sure. True, I mean precisely the real, unconditional and reckless faith. If you secretly do not trust him, he will feel it and will not be slow to take advantage of it. Gemini has the ability to read your secret thoughts – remember this. Do not think that your twin spouse will behave with other women as if he does not notice them. On the contrary, he would love to chat with them, laugh and even drink a glass or two. But this does not mean that he flirts with them. The twin needs listeners

That woman who will achieve intellectual harmony with Gemini can be calm. He will not change her either physically or mentally. This is the rule from which there are practically no exceptions. And his smiles, exuded always and everywhere, are just a manner of behavior. He just can’t help but smile, just as the sun cannot help but shine. Understand and never reprimand him for it. Otherwise, you can ruin his character.

Most likely, he will develop friendly relations with children. He will be able to teach them a lot. They will gladly share their problems with him and trust him with their secrets. The twin does not like to teach and speak in an edifying tone. He is not a big champion of discipline, which causes great sympathy in children. But his reluctance to insist on the implementation of some mandatory things leads to the fact that his children are sometimes a little bit loose. With this, the Twins spoil their children. Although Gemini almost never punishes their children physically, they have a bad habit of making remarks to children in a caustic, sarcastic tone that can hurt a child. Being cold by nature, Gemini does not like hugs and kisses, and children need it. Otherwise, the twin father is a good parent, unless, of course,

With a twin husband, you are unlikely to encounter such a problem as jealousy, because Gemini has a very poorly developed sense of ownership. Even if some rumors come to him, he will most likely simply dismiss them – After all, love for Gemini is primarily not physical, but intellectual intimacy. Therefore, if you are looking for a marriage of common interests of spiritual unity. The twin will be a good partner for you.

It is only necessary to get used to his many “ifs”, not to pay attention to some coldness and detachment, to his desire to wander in the clouds. Never try to get anything from him by clutching the Twin against the wall or arranging a stormy scene for him. This will not only not lead to the desired result, but will cause a completely undesirable reaction for you. The twin will simply disappear, dissolve, cease to exist for you. Do not forget that his sign is Air.

Gemini is often said to have two loves at the same time. Let me explain this statement. It does not mean at all that two loves are two different women. Most often this is not the case. If you are connected with him not just by marriage, but by a spiritual and emotional bond, then you understand what I mean and what this statement means.

Male cancer

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

This person is not one of those who are ready to open his soul to the first person he meets. Even his best friends often don’t know much about him. To truly understand it, you will have to eat more than one pound of salt with it.

He can be frivolous and unreliable and at the same time sensitive and faithful. The severe fold on the forehead can be smoothed out for no apparent reason, and then a radiant smile will illuminate the face. The grouchy and displeased tone is replaced by gentle intonations, but after a moment passes into hysterical laughter. When he is sad, you will want to go up and caress him, protect him from all adversities. If he undertakes to make predictions, you will be amazed at the accuracy of his prediction. Cancer is careful beyond measure, and its melancholy is able to catch up on others. Being a romantic at heart, he is at the same time surprisingly rational and practical. In short, the most diverse, sometimes completely opposite character traits were combined in this person.

Speaking of the Cancer man, it should be remembered that these contradictions are caused by the phase change of the Moon, on which Cancer is very dependent. Outwardly, he may be rude and cold, but in his soft loving heart there will always be a place for compassion and sympathy. Cancer is very touchy. In such cases, he closes in and silently digests the insult. It may seem to you for a long time – but it never happened. After a while, he appears again in public, shining, rejoicing in everything around him, and you will joyfully rush to meet him. Unfortunately, Cancer Men have days of such hopeless anguish that you simply do not want to live on. But the bad mood quickly passes, and now sadness is replaced by joy, and you rejoice with it. Of course, such a change of mood may perplex anyone, but if you chose Cancer as your companion, you have to get used to it. And further. The most severe attacks of melancholy happen to him when he is afraid of losing something especially dear to him – most likely you. Assure him that you belong to him alone, that you love him immensely, and he will be happy. Words of love – a balm for his soul.

Cancer Man is unpredictable and not always consistent in his actions. Imagine that you are sitting together on a moonlit night and he invites you to listen to his favorite verses. You close your eyes and, leaning against his shoulder, expect to hear a love sonnet, but instead you hear:

On one edge, this was the case:

Walking once,

A wise man came upon a thorny bush

And scratched his eye.

But he was extremely smart

And without saying a word

He wandered into another shrub

And the eye scratched again.

Your whole romantic mood has completely disappeared. You will be offended, but he was only joking.

And now a few words about the more prosaic, but not less important aspect of your future life – money. Since childhood, a Cancer man has an unusual tendency towards them, to say the least. Your only rival in his heart will be money. Cancer can not be called a stingy, but he was never a spender. The crunch of notes and the tinkling of coins in a purse fascinate him no less than other organ masses. But no matter how much money he has, he will never brag about it. On the contrary, he is more likely to present himself as a poor relative. But do not rush to do it good. Most likely his bank account is twice or even ten times yours.

After reading the above, you will probably be upset and even decide not to connect your life with such a meanie. I beg you, do not make hasty conclusions. Cancer is willing to pay dearly for a high-quality thing, because he adheres to the principle: “I am not so rich as to buy cheap things.” He will refuse to run into a cafe to have a snack, but he will gladly sit in an expensive restaurant with excellent cuisine and a great reputation; he will object to buying a drape coat, but without hesitation, he will buy you a mink coat. Not only is it a beautiful and expensive thing, it is also durable. Now you are convinced that he agrees to pay – but only for things that are expensive, durable and of high quality. So there are definitely positive features in Cancer.

If you are familiar with Cancer as an artist or musician, do not think that he has only lofty ideas in his head. Crayfish are very artistic, and if they choose a similar career, they reach extraordinary heights in it. However, the Cancer artist will not give away his canvases – he will try to sell them profitably, especially since Cancers are usually high-class professionals.

The Cancer man does not like sportswear, preferring her to a strict business suit, and certainly from an expensive store. Even those who experience temporary (permanent they have no) material difficulties, invariably ironed, starched shirt and polished shoes to shine.

And now one of the most difficult issues is family relationships. God grant that your mother-in-law will be a pleasant, attractive woman. But even if this is not the case, you, having married Cancer, will have to give her all kinds of attention. Cancer will constantly compare you with its mother, and your house with the parental home. Cancer by nature is a domestic creature and, accustomed to warmth, comfort and affection in childhood, it will demand the same from its wife. You will have to, at least outwardly, in the presence of the mother-in-law, be content with the role of the second violin, since she will play the first. Pretend to be interested in how and what she cooks, how she leads the house, even if you are sure that you are doing it better.

Crayfish men usually cook themselves well, especially gourmet, gala dishes. In general, Cancer is a sophisticated creature, paying attention to the most seemingly inconspicuous little things. He will be happy to show guests his collection and show extraordinary gallantry to females. Cancer adores his family tree, honors ancestors. And those antique gizmos that he inherited from them are a subject of his special pride – after all, two passions that possessed him combined in them: history and money.

Cancer makes high demands on the future wife, so sometimes it takes years before he finds his chosen one. Cancer is very afraid of making a mistake, since an unsuccessful marriage can unsettle him for many years. But if he already chose a bride, he will extol her to heaven and fill up with gifts. With his constant presence near you, he will quickly discourage the rest of your fans, but you will not regret it.

As a father, Cancer is impeccable – few mothers can boast of such love and devotion to children. In addition, he has unlimited patience, sincerely interested in all the affairs, troubles, anxieties and joys of his children. Cancer Fathers are proud of their sons and adore their daughters. True, in adolescence, when children experience some alienation from their parents, difficulties can arise. Children love independence, and Cancers care too much for them. But in the end, the mind will prevail, and the parent Cancer will find comfort in the fact that instead of a couple of children he will have twice as many grandchildren. And more is always better.

So, how can you get Cancer into your arms if he does not immediately decide to make you an offer? There are two ways. First: let him know that there are other men around who want to make you their wife while he ponders. Cancer is unlikely to allow itself to miss its intended prey.

There is a second, more “intelligent” way. Mueyka, poetry, flowers, beautiful clothes, expensive (but not too harsh) perfumes, gentle treatment and tenderness, coupled with fine dinners will also help you win his heart. True, this is a long way, but less risky. Having become the wife of Cancer, do not try to throw away his old sweater and worn out sneakers, as well as a diploma about the excellent end of elementary school. All these are his treasures, and they need to be cherished and cherished no less than himself. In response to this concern, he will love you all his life. And what could be more beautiful than the woman you love?

Male lion

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

The Lion Man knows the value of his charm and therefore never spends it in vain. He will paint with pleasure both in front of you and in the company of friends, and even better – in front of a large meeting, and the larger it is, the more pleasant Leo is. Then he will be admired not by one or five people, but by two hundred.

Leo is not Virgo and not Aquarius, who, despite the desperate attempts of the fans, can remain cold to their charms.

The lion was originally aimed at the novel, so there is nothing easier to catch it on your network. Love babble in the light of candles, seasoned with a solid portion of adoration, enthusiasm and flattery – and the proud king of animals turns into a domestic kitten. At the same time, he will adore you immensely, fill up with gifts and flowers, carry to theaters and social events, write passionate letters. A encouraging start, isn’t it? But any coin has a downside.

Leo is unusually jealous. If you are his, then belong to him all: body and soul. He will decide for you what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what to read, who to be friends with and how to spend the day. He will interrogate you with prejudice where you deigned to disappear for two whole hours, while, leaving, you said that you would return in forty-five minutes. He will ask who called you and what you talked about. If you are preparing morning coffee, looking at the window for too long or just sitting thoughtfully looking at the ceiling or floor, he will certainly ask you why your thoughts are so busy that you don’t pay any attention to it for five minutes. I do not advise you even jokingly to answer what you think about someone else. He will not forgive you for this. And if this other one (most likely having nothing to do with you) accidentally turns out to be familiar to him, he may also not be greeted.

It is best if in your relationship with him there will be softness, tenderness and affection that soothe even the most violent outbursts of emotions.

With a Leo husband, you will not be able to make your own professional career. He will not allow it. And if you insist, then it is possible that standing in front of the altar in a wedding dress, you will suddenly find that the groom has disappeared.

The Lion Husband is kind and grateful, like King Arthur (unless, of course, you make him the center of his universe). If you respect him as he thinks he deserves it, he will be generosity itself, without denying you the slightest whims. And if you adore him, it is likely that he will never cheat on you (being too lazy by nature to hunt for new cats when he has his own lioness at home).

With Leo you will lead a very active social life. True, in those cases when he goes to the bachelor party or simply spends a lot of money at the races or in the casino, you will have to suffer.

But all the Lions have a rare feature in our time – they have golden hands. If your breaker breaks down or a faucet leaks in the kitchen, the TV does not work or the tape recorder wheezes, tell your Leo about it, and he will immediately rush to repair them. And what’s the most interesting – it will be fixed. After a while, the switch will turn on and off again, the water from the tap will flow when it is opened, an image will appear on the TV screen, and the tape recorder will sing in its usual voice. And Leo will do all this without any tension, and even with pleasure. Now do you understand what treasure your spouse?

Male Lions are very impressive and big aesthetes, therefore, getting married, they will not remain indifferent to pretty faces. If you do not begin to roll scenes of jealousy to him, try to flirt with others in revenge and at the same time treat him with the same love and tenderness, he will never go over to the other. Leo, who is somewhat selfish by nature and preoccupied with himself, may not have enough tact at some point, but, realizing that he has offended someone, he will not pass indifferently, but will try to “lick” the wound.

Lions have a certain illusion that they cannot overcome in any way. Lions often marry women of a lower social background or simply inferior to them in the hope that the “poor daisy” will be grateful to them for this all their lives. But often it turns out that these “unfortunate creatures” skillfully rob the scepter of power from the poor fellow Leo and continue to rule without him. The poor king of animals does not feel very comfortable. For some reason, this sad story teaches Lviv nothing, and they still continue to be seduced by “modest flowers.”

Surprisingly, the Lions often have a very small family. There are no children at all, either one child, or Leo fled to another family, leaving his offspring. Lions are passionate, although not very consistent parents. But they are from those fathers whom children love all their lives. I advise the wives of Lviv not to pay more attention to children than to Leo himself, otherwise he will be terribly wounded and offended.

So, as I tried to explain to you, if you agree to remain the second violin and build (or pretend to build) your life according to the scheme that Leo drew for you, they will love, groom and ridicule you and, no less important, Your house will always be in perfect working handles, taps, switches, sockets and everything else that is in it. In my opinion, the deal is not bad, is it?

Virgin man

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

I think you should immediately put all the dots over the “i”. If you are sentimental and dream of a fabulous love, you should immediately part with your new acquaintance – Virgo, otherwise instead of the expected Lukullov feast, you run the risk of getting a modest vegetarian dinner consisting of watery soup seasoned with several roots and a handful of rice, sprinkled with vegetable oil. And a true gourmet is unlikely to like it.

The Virgo man exists completely and completely on a practical, materialistic level; he simply does not have time for all sorts of unearthly passions. He is undoubtedly not the type who will sing serenades under your window, and even if you lower the rope ladder from the window so that he can climb it, he is unlikely to use it, preferring to enter through an ordinary door. –

In fact, the Virgins very early, as a child, experience a feeling of love, but not of the same type as the immortal passion of Romeo and Juliet. In his concept, the word “love” is associated with selfless devotion to family and friends, and generally to beings weaker and less organized than himself. A virgin is born with an instinctive love for work, duty and discipline, and devotion to the defenseless. Even those who do not follow such lofty ideals in life constantly experience remorse.

That type of love, which is expressed by passionate promises, stormy scenes and sweet, sentimental babble, leaves the Virgo man completely cold. On the contrary, it can even scare him and push him to flight. If your romance proceeds with moderate fervor, you may be able to melt the feelings of this man, made of ice and steel. There are certain secret approaches to the heart of a Virgo man. Aggressive persecution is not one of them, as well as coquetry and even supersensibility, which many passionate divas, to their surprise and disappointment, could be convinced.

In love, Virgos seek primarily quality, not quantity. And since high quality is a rather rare thing, there are very few novels in the life of male Devs, but those that happen most often end tragically. The usual reaction of the Devs is to dig deeper into work, avoid communication and be twice as careful the next time. Therefore, having chosen a virgin man for yourself, you will have to work out some strategy in order to succeed. The main aspiration of the Virgin is chastity, and the Virgin is able to deviate from this principle only for the sake of a very worthy woman. Many Virgoes, although not all, can live in abstinence much longer than other signs of the Zodiac, and not experience any inconvenience. In Virgo deeply rooted sense of discipline and humility to fate, and if fate wants him to remain a bachelor, then so be it.

The Virgo man, although he is not always aware of this, is a sophisticated seducer. The combination of wit and rationalism attracts many women, but he, as a master of critical analysis, is rarely carried away enough to transfer relations from platonic to more earthly. In order for a Virgo man to catch fire with passion, the object of his love must be truly unique. Of course, there are times when the Virgin is so carried away that she succumbs to ordinary earthly passions. But these cases are extremely rare and passion quickly passes. In the love of the Virgin there is always an element of virginity and pristine purity, which is never clouded, even in moments of the highest passion.

Virgo man spends a lot of precious time searching for his beloved – no less than for food, clothing, health and work, because he takes everything very seriously. Do not try to lie to him, he still sees through you and does not harbor any illusions. He longs for an honest and equal union. He well knows that, with his claims, it is very difficult to find the desired object of love, but nevertheless he will not agree to a surrogate.

Virgo man is quite difficult to emotionally captivate. Sometimes he can be with you for a very long time, without showing any outward signs of falling in love, and you decide that he simply does not have a heart. But this is not so. He has a heart. And the one who has the patience will be able to verify this.

As soon as he realizes that you are his true chosen one, he will immediately let you know. His love will burn with an even, soft flame, without flashes characteristic of other signs, but the warmth with which he will surround you will warm from all life’s hardships and storms. Is this not enough? Still, there is a quality in the love of a Virgo man that is inherent in the love of fairy-tale princes: if you are his true love, he will go through all the trials to achieve you, overcome thousands of miles to hold his only beloved to his heart. In the name of his love, he is able to sacrifice a lot and will adore you all his life.

After you become his wife, he will not make you jealous, trying to care for another, and will try to do everything so that no emotional and material difficulties affect you. The only thing he needs is to constantly feel you next to him. You cannot find a better comforter and helper when your heart is broken or you are sick. True, he will not shower you with money, but you will always be provided with everything you need and you will receive maximum attention.

The Virgo man is very attentive to the little things that women attach such great importance to. Possessing a clear memory, he remembers all the small, but important dates and events for you, although he is slightly perplexed why they are so important to you. Virgo man will never roll wild, ugly jealousy scenes to you, but you must remember that Virgo is the owner like no other, so try not to walk too far from home, otherwise, once you return home, you will find that there is nobody . Virgo men, naturally loyal, hate the idea of ​​breaking family ties, but if you go too far, he will divorce you without hesitation. And without stormy scenes, pleas, tears, reconciliations. The end is so end. As they say, I’m sorry – goodbye.

After all, it belongs to the breed of those who believe that glued shards are not the same as a whole cup, but you can’t restore the destroyed harmony.

If you fell in love with a virgin man, think about what and how you say it. The stupidity and ignorance of Virgo is hated no less than filth and vulgarity. I advise the girlfriend of the Virgo man not only to dress elegantly and discreetly and to have an elegant hairstyle, but also to have a smart head.

Of course, you may not own the art of the chef of an expensive restaurant, but do not console yourself with the thought that your husband, Virgo, will allow you to feed him canned food. A mercenary, dull, lazy woman, even if she belongs to the category of sex bombs, will never succeed for a Virgo man. After all, he is looking primarily for a friend’s wife, not a lover.

Virgo men do not have a strong tendency toward fatherhood; to confirm their masculinity, they do not need children at all. Therefore, Dev usually have very small families. But if the child is still born, the Virgin will pay him the closest attention; he is a very responsible parent. He will be happy to engage with the child, read to him, teach all kinds of skills, help do homework, walk, and special emphasis is placed on intellectual development. Even in the event of a divorce, Father Virgo will not lose interest in raising a child. He is not one of those who spoils children, so his child will grow up disciplined. The maiden, however, can be reproached with some coldness in relation to children, which over time can grow into a wall of misunderstanding. Sometimes the Virgin Fathers are too critical, expecting too much from their children, more than they can give.

Virgo husband loves when you care about his health; in turn, he pays you with the same coin. Sometimes Virgo has an excessively grouchy mood. At such moments, let him grumble alone, then he himself will come to you and surprise him with his tenderness. Let him take care of you. This does not contradict his character and gives him pleasure.

If, after all the above, you did not change your mind about making Virgo your chosen one, you will get a smart, intelligent, although, perhaps, somewhat chilly spouse. It is reliable and pleasant if you are so considerate that you will not notice its mistakes and shortcomings. And to be honest – he has not so many shortcomings. Well, think about it, coming home from work, he likes to run a finger over furniture to find out if there is dust on it.

Learn to respect his habits. Regardless of whether you like what he does or not, do not make him comments, do not be a bore. Take his criticism with a laugh, and you will not have any problems. Virgo husband is not an angel, but many women will envy you.

In the end, are there many husbands who work from dawn to dawn, neat, fit, outwardly pleasant, remembering the anniversary of your first meeting, always having money, rarely visiting men’s companies and almost never having lovers? Take a look around. I think you can rightfully consider yourself the happiest of mortals.

Male scales

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

From this person you will always get a lot of free tips on any issue. He is able to solve all your problems, except for one – your relationship with him. Libra’s habit of rationalizing everything, including love, can lead you to insanity.

When you meet the Libra man, think carefully about whether it is worth falling in love with him. Moreover, you have very little time to think, otherwise you will be so enchanted by it that you will lose all ability to decide and think on your own. His dreams will become your dreams, his thoughts will become your thoughts, and your only desire will be to make him happy.

He, for his part, will not strive to ensure that you constantly feel at the top of bliss. Exactly half the time he will be in an unbalanced state when he will absolutely not care what you think and feel. True, the other half of the time you will feel so happy, as if you are on the divine Olympus. So think before deciding to become his wife. After all, you are doomed in advance to half your life to be dissatisfied with it.

Scales – people are not very reliable, it is difficult to rely on them. Today they can think so, and tomorrow they can think differently. Imagine what position you will find yourself in agreeing to become his wife when the very next day after the proposal is made, he will decide to marry and not fail to let you know. Frankly, I do not envy you. Of course, this situation is quite extreme, but it could very well happen, so is it worth the risk?

But in matters of love, Libra seems to have surpassed all other signs. They not only invented love and romance, but also turned them into the highest form of art. Libra men do not lose interest in love until they are ninety years old. Often, of course, this interest is only platonic, but its presence in the nature of Libra until the end of their lives is undoubted. Libra men are always full of fans. Due to its softness, indecision and unwillingness to do harm to someone, Libra can simultaneously have more than a dozen novels at different stages of development. Saying “no” to Libra is simply not able to, although it is much more cruel to prolong painful relationships than to break them off at once. The same can be said of the opposite case, when the relationship is so sincere and deep that the word “yes” seems to be the only possible outcome. But Libra even manages to pull, evade, ponder,

Male Libra, not being passionate by nature, does not greatly experience love failures. In addition, there are always so many other women around that they quickly console themselves. The only thing when Libra is really uncomfortable is when they manage to marry an imperious, decisive woman. Such a person manages to convince Libra that divorcing her is a much greater sin than all seven deadly sins combined. Caught in such a net, Libra is a miserable slave of love. But such cases are extremely rare.

Libra does not suffer from excessive curiosity. They have no desire to know the secret motives of your behavior. He will spend hours proving to you that it should be done here, but here it is, and that this follows from the logical course of things, but he will not agree to take into account that the causes of many human actions lie primarily in human psychology. But Libra does not go so far in her curiosity; their interests are more abstract.

Being an expert in affairs of love, he is by no means such in matters of soul. You will not only be surprised, but his soulful callousness will also horrify you. For example, you can turn to him for sympathy, and instead of unconditionally taking your side, he will begin to reason and ask you questions, and in the end even declare that it is you who are to blame. But this will not make you feel better. You did not go to him for clarification of the truth, but for expression of sympathy. It’s just that you most likely will not get.

In terms of money, Libra is quite generous. Get ready for the role of a charming, skilled housewife. True Libra will never invite many guests to the house. He needs quality, not quantity. Therefore, among the invited there will be celebrities, and just smart, interesting people.

Remember that in your house should be not only clean and tasty, but also beautiful. If you don’t want your husband to divorce you, do not turn on the TV at full volume, make sure that smells from the kitchen do not penetrate the rooms in any way (this terribly torments him), so that children do not scream or run around the house so that diapers and vests do not hang in a conspicuous place, so that you do not appear in front of him in curlers and cream, and many other sorts of “no” things. For all that, he himself can be scruffy like a piglet, leaving socks on chairs and throwing cigarette butts and pieces of paper onto the floor. But you are immediately obligated to put everything in order.

Scales will not express their displeasure to you out loud, but they will secretly suffer from mismatched carpets and curtains, from the tasteless picture above the fireplace, from the bright color of the tiles in the bathroom. Moreover, he himself may not be aware of what is the reason for his bad mood. You will have to guess about this.

Libra is a fairly calm father. He will not be angry and screaming at the children, but he will not be ecstatic about his own offspring either. For him, even after the appearance of the children in the house, the first place is given to his wife, and no parental feelings will outweigh his attitude towards you, unless, of course, for three days you leave the dishes unwashed in the sink and do other things that can offend his aesthetic feelings.

Scorpio male

The most accurate and honest characterization of men according to the zodiac sign!

If you are not a super-passionate person who loves all kinds of emotional excesses, and a Scorpio man has appeared on your way, my advice to you is to flee before it’s too late. Scorpio is something like King Kong.

Despite his cold appearance, he is able to burn no worse than a red-hot stove. Do you know how long a burn hurts, especially a severe one? Equally painfully unsuccessful contact with Scorpio. For many weeks, or even months, you cannot recover from it.

But if you are sure that you have no less passionate nature and also fire protection, take a chance. (Still, other women will someday thank me for connecting their lives with more calm and reliable signs, for example, Cancer or Capricorn.)

For those who have not found the strength to run away or prefer to remain in the arms of Scorpio, I offer a more detailed acquaintance so that you can know in advance what awaits you.

If one could characterize this person, then this word would prove invincibility. It is impossible to defeat the Scorpion, he will win any battle. Therefore, be careful and try not to provoke it, otherwise you will be worse.

Scorpio has a perfectly balanced mind and emotions. And if he is highly intelligent, then his mind is akin to philosophical and busy searching for the meaning of life.

Scorpio is a sensual nature, loving luxury and prone to excesses: in food, drink, drugs, love. Especially in love. Scorpio as if created for her. He seeks her with all his being. The instinctive beginning appeared even when he rode a tricycle. And no matter what, he looks like Huckleberry Finn, all freckled, and by no means resembles a dangerous seducer. The sooner you find yourself in his power, not even understanding how this could happen.

Scorpio does not allow defeats. Therefore, if he feels that he is not able to cast a spell on you, he will use poison to paralyze your feelings. At the same time, outwardly, he will remain absolutely calm. His favorite manner is complete indifference, until he feels that the victim is in his power and he can afford to enjoy it freely.

Each Scorpio is its own decree. He usually follows the rules as long as they do not contradict his own ideas, goals and objectives. But is it worth something or someone to prevent Scorpio from implementing his plans, and he will send everyone to hell, not at all worrying about the consequences. All vital decisions Scorpio makes independently; the opinions of friends, relatives, neighbors, and even his wife mean as little to him as the opinions of his detractors. Here you may be offended by thinking that he could take your opinion into account. Now try, casting offense, to look at the matter from the other side. Are there many men in the world who are ready to solve difficult life problems independently, without pushing and prompting? It is sad to admit this, but there are not many of them. And if your Scorpio belongs to those who take full responsibility,

In order to further respect and love Scorpio, it is enough to see him in business, when clouds gathered over him. While other men panic, get angry, grumble or are simply confused, he, rolling up his sleeves, rushes into battle. He does not expect that his life path will be strewn with flowers, and therefore, when disaster strikes, he does not perceive it as heavenly thunder, but as the most ordinary everyday situation, which must be solved in the same way as everyone else. Needless to say, with such a wise philosophical view, life turns out to be much simpler and more enjoyable.

Scorpio is very selective in the choice of friends and acquaintances. He will not surround himself with people whom he does not like, does not respect, does not value.

Scorpio is not inclined to show his feelings in public. Sometimes it may seem to you that he is rude, inconsiderate and even cruel. He may even allow himself to laugh at you in the presence of strangers. Only later, left alone with you, does he recognize his true attitude towards you.

If you are a sensitive person, it will be difficult for you and Scorpio. But if you can survive the most acute period of addiction, you yourself will surely melt into a stronger personality. Unlike other men who speak to their wives (without taking their eyes off the newspaper), vulgar compliments in their teeth, such as “you are always pretty, fish,” Scorpio will only praise you if you really deserve it. His praise is worth a dozen others.

As for jealousy, this is a very, very difficult question. Scorpio’s wife, like Caesar’s wife, should

to be beyond suspicion. If you are jealous, you better convince yourself that this is not so. You will constantly observe how women hang themselves on his neck. But what can you do about it when he is so irresistibly charming? In such cases, one should only rely on the fact that no flattery and other temptations act on him; he has strong natural immunity against this. Well, how did you feel better after my words? Hope so.

Scorpio is an extremely harsh father. He will not allow children to be lazy and indulge, but will teach to respect themselves and their property. While they are small, he will fiercely protect them, as he protects everything that he passionately loves. But as soon as they grow up, he will teach them to defend themselves and fight for themselves. Sometimes the children of Scorpions consider their fathers too powerful and harsh, but only growing up, they understand how much they have learned from them, and feel gratitude to them.

As for the Scorpio husband, then if you fully trust him and share all his thoughts, he will be attentive, caring, gentle and will pay you back for everything with such love that many women can only dream of.

Sagittarius male

The most accurate and honest character

I don’t want to disappoint you right away, but Sagittarius people are elusive (literally and figuratively).

To begin with, Sagittarius is always busy with something. He either saves someone out of trouble, or is in a hurry somewhere, and if he suddenly stands still, he will certainly not be alone, but among the crowd, telling funny stories. Therefore, you need to either run very fast, or be able to work with your elbows to get to Sagittarius.

The main quality of Sagittarius is invincible, ineradicable optimism, arising from the fact that fate too often gives him gifts.

If he goes with a search party in search of gold, then he may not find it, but in passing he will open a uranium deposit. You can bend over and see hundreds of times glistening on the sidewalk and discover that it’s just a bubble gum wrapper, while it comes across a diamond ring accidentally dropped by a taxi passenger. Such luck cannot but lead to optimism.

 Women often tend to misunderstand the true attitude of Sagittarius, taking him for something more serious. Sagittarius is very windy and amorous. But this does not mean that he is in love for life. More often it’s just a little hobby. And if the subject of his hobby, not understanding the true intentions, wants to cling to it, he will either get away, so quickly that she will not even have time to blink an eye, or turn everything into a joke.

But if you are an intelligent girl whose head exists not only to wear a hat, and if you still want to get it on your nets, then I can give you some recommendations on this.

Do not be jealous and suspicious. Let him walk on a long leash. Do not ask where he was, do not make tantrums, do not whine and do not threaten that you will leave him. Give him complete freedom, try to look at the world through his eyes and accept his rules of the game.

Try to be what he wants to see. Be mobile. Love the sport. Go camping with him. Get a dog (preferably large). Be generous, relaxed and enthusiastic. Let him know that the same spirit of freedom lives in you as in him. Convince him that besides him, you still have a ton of other interests in life. Believe me, making sure of this, he will soon tell you that he needs such a woman. Here you should warm it up a little more. Tell him that you are also not averse to connecting your life with him if he further agrees not to infringe on your freedom. Otherwise, you, unfortunately, will have to leave. It would be nice here (of course, it will be necessary to arrange this in advance) if at that moment a phone call came from one of your fans. Right in front of Sagittarius, arrange a date with him. Then,

I assure you, soon after that you will become his wife.

Sagittarius, a small lover and admirer of family ties, will not burden you with his relatives, but in return you do not torment him with your relatives.

Becoming the wife of Sagittarius, adhere to the same policy that led you to the crown. Allow him to spend as many evenings as he wants. Do not interrogate where he was. If it sometimes starts to boil, let it let off steam. Do not listen to gossip, but believe his words.

Sagittarius is a passionate fan, so you have to watch sports on TV with him. If you are pleasant in appearance and you have a cheerful disposition, he will invite you to go visit him.

If you have any talents, you can safely demonstrate them to him. It will be very appealing to him. Becoming his wife, do not drop books. Sagittarius does not like women with whom there is nothing to talk about. Get ready for the fact that he can criticize you, sometimes not very tactfully. But what can you do, these are the rules of the game.

Sagittarius is almost not interested in young children, but as they grow up, he will pay more and more attention to them. Perhaps his sons are nevertheless closer to him, although he will be especially gentle with his daughters. Sagittarius enjoys playing sports with children, makes long walks with them. In one thing, he is always strict: they should never tell lies.

As for your behavior after the appearance of the children, you must firmly remember that as soon as he calls you with him, you should hand over the children to the nanny and go camping with him or where he will invite you.

If you always adhere to the scheme that I drew for you, your life success with Sagittarius is fully ensured.

Capricorn male

The most accurate and honest character

This man erected a stone wall around himself. He is timid, but at the same time strong and strong. Soft but terribly ambitious. He seems to prefer solitude. In fact, this is not so. Or rather, not quite so.

Secretly, he longs for human approval. In the depths of the Soul he is an incurable romantic, but Saturn imposes heavy fetters on him, demanding strict discipline, complete tranquility, practical actions and serious intentions. This is his cross, and he is forced to carry it to the end.

If you managed to turn the harsh, stubborn Capricorn inside out, you would see a gentle and cheerful dreamer hungry for fresh wind, blowing the sails of his hopes. But, unfortunately, all this will remain hidden somewhere in the recesses of his soul, and on the surface he will be exactly the way you know and imagine him. And although the desired is not the same as the real, the idea that (do not be influenced by Saturn) is in it, will help you look at your Capricorn with different eyes.

Capricorns try to assure others that they do not need compliments. In fact, this is not so. Secretly, he longs for people to notice his virtues and merits. Simply, being modest by nature, he is lost when praise is lavished on him. But have you noticed how his ears burn and his eyes shine when they say something pleasant to him? He is happy, just his nature does not allow him to jump to heaven and express enthusiasm in a more explicit way.

Capricorn can be likened to a late flower (if such a comparison is generally appropriate). It ripens later than its peers, but it retains youth of body and soul much longer. In my opinion, this is one of those advantages that should be addressed in more detail.

Other men at first for a long time can not part with boyish habits and grow up, and then suddenly, almost overnight, they turn into grouchy, dissatisfied old men. Capricorns have the opposite. At first, they will seem to you too decorous and decent, but more mature years will not only please, but also pleasantly surprise you. In his youth, Capricorn is unlikely to flee with his beloved to Paris, having bought all the violets from the Montmartre flower girls and throwing them at her feet; but it is he and no one else four or five decades after the wedding who will invite you to India to admire the Taj Mahal glowing in the moonlight, while other husbands will prefer to sit at home by the fireplace, complaining of gout.

If you belong to that breed of unreasonable women who, eating only sandwiches and aperitifs in their youth, spoil their health and then switch to vegetarian cuisine, Capricorn is certainly not your partner. An affair with Capricorn (of course, if it ends in marriage) is reminiscent of a traditional, by all rules, dinner with dessert at the end of the curtain.

The process of prolonged unfading of Capricorns can, of course, cause you to fear its infidelity. And this may very well happen, both in young years and at a more mature age. But, respecting the home altar. Capricorn will give you much less grief in the field of feelings than other signs of the Zodiac. No hobby will ever replace Capricorn’s family, wife and children. Family ties are sacred to him. And so he refers not only to his own family (wife, children), but also to the family in which he grew up (parents, brothers, sisters, etc.).

You should not only humiliate or insult his family and friends, they should be treated with respect and attention, even if, in your opinion, they do not deserve it at all. If your relationship with his relatives goes wrong, Capricorn, forced to rush between two fires, will become gloomy and gloomy.

Capricorns, who do not immediately dare to take a crucial step, such as marriage, are likely to do this when they get full economic independence and can support their families according to their ideas.

Capricorn chooses a wife for a very long time and legibly. The chosen one of Capricorn should first of all meet his ideal of the future mother of the family: to be faithful, faithful, loving and patient. Secondly, it should cook well and maintain the house in an exemplary manner. Of no small importance for Capricorn is whether his future wife knows how to dress with taste, whether she has good manners, education and intelligence in order to make a favorable impression on colleagues and bosses. And only after that he will think about whether his beloved is beautiful and whether he likes her. If you have not very magnificent hair and not the most beautiful legs in the world, do not worry. For your future husband, Capricorn, this is not so important.

If you want to impress him, invite him (or better yet, with your mother) to dinner. Moreover, all dishes should be prepared by you personally and served on the family Wedgwood. When he invites you for a walk, take your young sister with you and be extremely attentive to her. (If you don’t have a younger sister, borrow a child from your neighbors or acquaintances.) Taking a walk with Capricorn, you can occasionally sprinkle your speech with French expressions and quotes from classical works. It would not hurt to accidentally drop out that one of your ancestors fought on the side of George Washington in the Forge Valley, and your uncle was the right hand of Henry Ford himself.

If you strictly follow these tips, you will only have one test – to get the approval of his family. And as soon as it is received, you can consider yourself a bride.

When meeting with Capricorn, one should not dress extravagantly, shower exotic spirits from head to toe and act provocatively, otherwise you may find that your restrained, loving in all measure, Capricorn bridegroom has suddenly disappeared.

Since Capricorn lacks emotionality, you should educate him in this direction from the very beginning. Give him poetry collections, and the more romantic their content, the better. Teach him to be affectionate and show you visible signs of love and sympathy. If you do not instill this into him from the very first days of your life together, then do not complain that he does not tell you about his love. And if you try to blame him for this, he may object: “I do not love you? Yes, you’re crazy. “Don’t you remember what I said when the priest asked me about this on our wedding day?”

It seems to Capricorn that if he contains you, feeds, drinks, clothes, and not only you, but also your children, this is already a sufficient manifestation of his true feelings, which do not need verbal confirmation. And if you let him know that you need gentle words no less than his cares for you, he will be sincerely surprised.

Capricorn is a real father in the classical sense of the word. It requires respect, obedience and strict discipline from children. He, for his part, will be devoted to them to the core and even capable of self-sacrifice. Capricorn fathers do not pamper children and do not spoil their permissiveness. The only thing they can be reproached with is excessive rigor. But from Capricorns the most wonderful grandfathers in the world are obtained. By the time they have grandchildren, they are becoming less strict and sometimes allow babies to sit not only on their lap, but also on their heads.

Capricorn is not one of those who quickly get married, and then repent for a long time. They do the opposite – they choose for a long time, but if they decide to leave, they do it without regret, at once. Capricorns rarely destroy a family, but if they do, then abruptly and irrevocably.

Although Capricorn has everything strictly regulated, starting from spending money and ending with love, it is with them that you will be reliably insured against any surprises, both emotional, spiritual, and material in nature. If you are by nature a person who is not too passionate, but reasonable and prudent, you might like it very much. While other men will waste their feelings in their youth, Capricorn will appreciate and love you all your life, regardless of how many gray hairs are added to your hair or how many wrinkles appear on your face. And is it really so important that he said the word “love” only once in his life, if it means “I love forever”, and not for five minutes and not for five years.

Aquarius male

The most accurate and honest character

To immediately put all the dots on the “i”, I should warn you that Aquarius the man manifests himself in love in a completely different way than others.

If you suddenly think that he behaves as if he doesn’t love you at all, this means that he is simply sad, saying goodbye to the rest of humanity. Bed Aquarius loves everyone, but here he will have to love only you alone, which means that the rest of humanity will undoubtedly suffer from this, and first of all Aquarius himself. After all, he is interested in everything, literally everything, and because of you a huge layer of life will remain completely unexplored. There is something to be sad about.

And yet, if you want to get Aquarius, you should intrigue him first. Try to remain an unread book for him. He loves only what is enclosed by seven locks, and the more you have to work hard to discover secrets, the more cam secrets, the better. If you pretend that he is indifferent to you (especially at the beginning), his eyes, previously wandering around, will open wide and stare right at you. Strange, why don’t you look at him? What is behind it? True indifference or just a game. These and hundreds of other questions (and at the same time you yourself) will intrigue him until he reveals all your secrets. True, during such a “study” you can feel like a guinea pig and run away to more temperamental or simply more earthly fans. Well, a similar solution, perhaps

But if you still decide to stay with Aquarius, then listen to what awaits you.

Aquarius flees from marriage, like hell from incense. But even if he decides to do so, his marriage will be based only on friendship, and very long. Aquarius will choose a girl with whom one can talk not only about love, but also (preferably) about the Battle of Waterloo, flying saucers, Dead Sea manuscripts, African natives, problems of endangered animals and plants, solving crosswords, etc. Talking to him much more interesting than making love. The ideal of Aquarius is a female friend who will not demand mad love from him and roll up scenes of jealousy.

Even if you have established a strong friendship with Aquarius, this does not mean that the next step will be an indispensable declaration of love, and then a marriage proposal. In the case of Aquarius, such a state of uncertainty may not last for months, but for years.

After he nevertheless confessed his love to you, he will find a thousand reasons why he cannot marry you now (or in a year). These reasons can be different: he is not able to support you as you deserve; parents love him so much that they die if they have to part with him; he is not good enough for you. As soon as you note these reasons, he will immediately lay out others before you. The future of the world is very unstable, atomic war can break out at any moment. And besides, they can send him to Alaska for about ten years to study the habits of local residents. In the meantime, you can catch pneumonia and die, and he will be inconsolable until the end of his days.

You might think that contacting Aquarius is useless, but it’s not so bad. Although belatedly, he still marries. But this will happen only after his last friend marries. Then Aquarius will have a natural interest in marriage as something unknown. How is it that everyone has already tried what it is, but he doesn’t.

And then you will be married faster than you have time to blink an eye. After all, Aquarius is completely unpredictable in his actions.

You may think that your Aquarius is too cold, and you want to warm it with jealousy. Absolutely wrong step in the case of Aquarius. Aquarius is not jealous. If you tell him that you are going to another, he will calmly say goodbye to you and even wish to remain your friend. Well, wouldn’t it hurt you? You were expecting a completely different effect. That is why I do not advise you to bet on jealousy. It is better to come to terms with the idea that Aquarius cannot be just like that and different.

He himself will never cheat on you, if only because the problems of sex do not bother him, but only interest him theoretically.

Love is an integral part of his concept of ideal. Therefore, if it seems to him that your novel lacks perfection, he will immediately break off your relationship. Imperfections include: dissatisfaction of parents on one side or the other, different religions, your not completely forgotten admirer and much more.

If, despite everything said above, he marries, take his word for it and give as much freedom as he sees fit. After all, he needs to continue to study the rest of humanity. Do not suspect him of anything. Most likely he is completely clean before you. But if you begin to interrogate him, not believing what he said, he will spell so many fables that you will rake them for many days. (After all, Aquarians have such a rich imagination that coming up with something, all the more incredible, is not difficult for them.)

Do not be offended when he wants to be alone with himself. This condition does not last long, and if you treat him with understanding, he will reward you with warmth and extraordinary frankness.

Aquarius belongs to the breed of people who most often achieve great success in life. He has every chance of becoming a Nobel Prize laureate or inventing a time machine.

Your Aquarius can not be called very generous and not at all because he is stingy. Rich people rarely leave Aquarius. If they have money, they will not throw it on mink coats and diamonds. Most likely they will save them in the case when you need to realize some brilliant idea or commit some unexpected act. Suddenly they announce that those who wish can fly to Mars, and he does not have enough money to pay for the trip?

Children will at times be simply fascinated by their father, Aquarius. Who, besides him, knows so many nonsense and can always explain no worse than Humpty Dumpty, and “hawkish shoreks” and “zelyuks”, and much more, about which other parents have no idea.

Do not forget that you need to feed your Aquarius on time, monitor whether his buttons are sewn, and generally devote to him all his free time. Otherwise, why did he marry you? Want an answer? So that you are always there and he can communicate with you whenever he wants. Believe me, with your husband-Aquarius you will be much more interesting than gossiping with a dozen friends, watching the most interesting performance and reading the most entertaining magazine. After all, in it you will find any answers to any questions that you have ever asked or asked in twenty-five years.

Being a realist. Aquarius in one case remains a complete romantic. He always remembers his first love. Therefore, in order not to fade in comparison with her, it is better to be herself.

Aquarius can forget your wedding day, but for no reason will give you a bunch of violets in January. And Christmas can be celebrated with him in June. Have you forgotten that your husband is Aquarius? And with Aquarius, as you know, the most incredible things can happen. The main thing is that everything ends as happily as Alice’s in Wonderland. I sincerely wish you this.

Male fish

The most accurate and honest character

If your Fish belongs to the breed that knows when the tide is coming and dives into the highest wave – your happiness. Most likely, fame and fortune await you ahead.

But if, more than hopes, she is not able to predict the time of the tide, then she may well dive at the moment when the ebb has already begun, and you will be forced to splash around in shallow water all your life.

The Man-Fish can become all and nothing. It all depends on how decisive and prudent he is. Pisces cannot be called weak creatures. It’s just that some of them have been dreaming too long and miss their chances in life. For example, if by the age of twenty-five he is still in doubt about what wave to dive into, your business, frankly, is almost hopeless. Of course, he may decide to take a responsible step even in thirty-five years, but he will have much less chances. . By saying this, I mean the chances of your life together. In any case, he himself will be happy. All he needs is a loaf of bread and a jug of wine. On such a diet, you can successfully continue to indulge in dreams. However, keeping a wife and even with children with a similar income is very problematic. With this type of man you have two options: either to be a rich heiress,

True, in doing so, you and your Fish will always be happy from a purely emotional point of view. But on emotions alone, as you know, you will not go far. The only reasonable way out is to part with Fish. In the end, even a gap is better than life spent in futile dreams of the future.

Now let’s talk about other Pisces, those who managed to dive deep in time. This type can be considered a godsend for any woman. After all, you always have the hope that your husband will be Albert Einstein or George Washington. In the first case, he can often work on Sundays, and in the second, returning home to continue discussing high-level politics with you, but as you know, there are no people without flaws. And these shortcomings are by no means the worst, because in spite of them he will give you fame and fortune, and maybe both. The Fish Man is completely devoid of any kind of prejudice. He is always able to take the side of any person and will never judge anyone. Excellent quality, especially if the person he always understands is your mother.

Pisces’ friends often trust him with their secrets, sometimes very unpleasant and even shocking. But Fish reliably keeps secrets (of course, if asked about it). True, by accident, if he was not warned about this, the Fish may blabber for the simple reason that it does not suspect that such information can be used from malice.

Pisces are so sensitive to the affairs and problems of those around them that you should protect him somewhat from pesky friends and neighbors out of pure compassion for him. Before crying into a Fish vest, think about the fact that he will take your sorrows as close to his heart as if they were his own. To recover from emotional stress, Pisces needs loneliness and a long rest.

Pisces are very easy to offend. Keep this in mind all the time.

Many Pisces are interested in everything unusual: yoga, zenbuddism, astrology, palmistry, the theory of rebirth, and other occult sciences. They make good mediums. Possessing the gift of seeing people through, Pisces is rarely deceived about the true intentions of people. You will never be able to fool the Fish.

But they themselves sometimes love to pin down (as well as Gemini). True, this deception is completely harmless. For example, he went for cigarettes, and may tell you that he went to dry cleaning. Why is he doing this? He himself does not know. He just enjoys having his little secrets, with them he feels much more confident. And since it doesn’t reflect on you at all, why not let it?

Fish are almost not jealous, but even if they are jealous, they hide it perfectly (remember their amazing acting abilities?). Your own jealousy also needs to be hidden deeper, and if you are an owner by nature, it is better not to acquire a husband-Fish. After all, Pisces is so sympathetic to everyone that you will not succeed, no matter how hard you try, to make him not notice the other half of humanity.

When a gloomy mood takes possession of him, try (putting aside all household chores) to entertain him. For this purpose, it is best to invite him to the theater or to an exhibition. There, among the paintings dear to his heart or his favorite actors, he will again perk up.

Father Fish for children is just a gift. With whom else can they play Boy-Finger or Wolf and Seven Little Kids? Who else can learn to stand on their heads or unravel fate along the lines of their hands? Believe me, there are no better fathers in nature.

Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is the most scattered and uncollected. But do not be afraid of it. After all, you are not afraid of the sight of an unassembled suitcase with things spread around. In such cases, your task is to collect, stack, and fasten the suitcase tightly. So it is with Pisces. Help him pack up and tighten his seat belts, then he will serve you faithfully throughout your life’s journey.

Give him a dream for breakfast, a witty joke for lunch and Chopin for dinner, and he will give you the whole world, not only the one that exists, but the one that was long ago, and the one that will be tomorrow.

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