Relation to the humor of the zodiac signs. Everything to the point about me!Each zodiac sign has its own attitude to humor in general. Some cannot live a day without jokes, for them it is a communication style, and without humor, life becomes boring and faceless. And for others – this is it! Calm with above all – “And do not dare to joke on me! And it will be worse !!!

And what is your attitude to humor?

Aries – he (she) likes jokes flat and short. So from the very beginning it was clear where to laugh. Particular emotion and delight are caused by jokes such as: “And he who gives him a head, he hoisted and threw back.” It immediately becomes fun and not even boring …

Taurus – give this joke serious, heavy, slow-witted. If you laugh, then prepared in advance for this fascinating process. Substantially and continuously. I like jokes about how the poor rich are deceived and profit from it themselves. And also jokes about saving. Example: “I bought a new Russian car of the latest model, solid gold wheels, platinum doors of the highest standard, a steering wheel in diamonds and all that, but it doesn’t drive a car. He is asked: “Why aren’t you driving?” “Not profitable, he eats a lot of gasoline …”

Gemini – don’t joke with these guys (I mean, don’t put a finger in your mouth – they will bite). They like to joke for any reason and for no reason, because the mind is flexible, the tongue is sharp, the nose is upturned, and the character – you know yourself, is cheerful. They like jokes about roads (“fools and roads”), about cars (“600 Mercedes and a new repair from Zaporozhets”), about everything that moves … They will laugh when it’s funny, first at the storyteller, and then at everyone before didn’t get it. If the joke is stupid, others will laugh, but he will not. Everyone will think – a joke about him, they will start laughing even louder, but he will not … He will laugh last when everyone leaves. Amazed at their stupidity and their own intelligence.

the girl is laughing

Cancer – jokes with a good ending can entertain him. In order not to be upset. Something about love, for example, how my mother-in-law fell in love with her son-in-law. And he paid her something. Cancers become so much fun that they start to cry with laughter and infect others with it. They may like humor like: “a girl without a past” (do not confuse with sad stories: “a boy without a future”). Romantic humor is necessary for living a crayfish life. Perhaps a favorite joke about how Cancer on a mountain whistled. Very romantic … However, one cannot laugh at this.

Leo is undoubtedly the leader of the lion’s jokes, about Anka the machine gunner. Do not put Petka in anything and Chapaev sometimes fooled – a fun lesson. Humor is revered as simple and understandable, with a very direct meaning, such as: “on our collective farm there are only 2 eggs – and these are with the chairman.”

Virgo – they like to joke. Especially scientific. They are attracted to the fact that the mouth is the place of a smile, and healthy laughter adds health. Therefore, they laugh by a special technique, stretching their lips to the width of their shoulders. Production anecdotes like “how the doctor forgot binoculars in the patient’s stomach” or “how Piglet helped Winnie search for honey – until he ate it himself.” As you can see, the humor is quite spiteless and sometimes even funny. The main thing here is to tell with unimaginable details, dwelling on worthless details, often return to the beginning of the joke in order to remember what it is … As a result, patient listeners will tell the joke themselves, shortening its length, and impatient ones laugh from the very beginning. They can be understood. But a joke – never!

Libra – give humor soft, courteous, polite. Will fit English – about Watson. It will become elementary to know where to laugh, where to pause and just giggle, and when to chop the truth of the uterus, referring that the joke is folk, therefore not cultural. Humor is served in a chosen setting, on a secular level – to maintain an empty conversation, with tea and a sandwich …

Scorpio – loves black humor, which makes him optimistic: “There is no such bad situation that could not get worse.” It’s good when people enjoy life. For them to smile, it is always showing teeth. My favorite joke sounds like the last breath, and my favorite humorous characters – an evil mother-in-law, a bad apartment, monsters, ghosts (and Carlson’s bunch). It’s getting so much fun, it’s awful. Only when you want to joke do you need to warn …

zodiac signs humor

Sagittarius – optimistic humor, but slowed down. It came “like a giraffe” – this is about the archer. On the third day. But it will laugh for a long time (to the fullest). Rolling and loud. He loves jokes of an international character: “a German, an Englishman and a Russian met.” Already funny.

Capricorn – jokes with a beard. The humor is consistent, dry and conservative. Laughter may resemble bleating and cause a wry smile. Respects jokes about the Chukchi, for their hard life and the same sense of humor. I like sad humor about the meaning of life: “Life is too short to be taken seriously.” And at once, it becomes somehow more fun …

Aquarius – in addition to fairy tales about a carpet-plane and a self-assembled tablecloth, it welcomes fantasy-style humor, where good punishes evil and friendship defeats everyone. For example, jokes about 4 musketeers. You can still about flying saucers and stupid humanoids. While they are gone, you can laugh.

Pisces – they love jokes about Stirlitz and how difficult it is to expose him. Humor is ambiguous, ambivalent and incomprehensible. Attract jokes with a riddle without a clue. Type: “2 crocodiles fly: one orange, and the other to the West.” Such stories raise many questions: why fly, why two? This joke does not immediately come. Although, if you explain for a long time …

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