Cambridge Astrological Test_ Are you typical of the sign you were born under_This test is extremely interesting in itself, and as an addition to the analysis of the natal chart. For example, having passed it, you can find out whether it is worth focusing on journal forecasts or are you still not typical enough for your solar zodiac sign.

Our test is divided into 12 parts: one for each zodiac sign. This will help you determine and compare the impact on your personality of each astrological sign individually. Answer honestly and objectively to each point of the test, putting “Yes” or “No” against it. It may be useful for you to seek the help of a close friend or family member in evaluating your statements — how typical they are of you. Since the combination of various forces and factors affects the complex of your personality, you may find that the characteristics of several characters are suitable for you.
In order to consider yourself a typical representative of a particular sign, you must answer “Yes” at least 15 utterances. If this is not the case, then you should pay attention to the possible strong influence of the rising sign or sign of the moon.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1.You keep secret your aspirations and plans.
2. You are persistent and can endure any hardships and hardships in order to achieve the goal.
3. You try to be the best in everything you do.
4. Your friends and employees think that you have a sense of responsibility and that you can rely on.
5. When you are deceived or offended, you never forget it.
6. Usually you pay more attention to the negative aspects of things.
7.Music is an important part of your life.
8.You are mostly cautious, conservative and traditional.
9.You are loyal and keep promises.
10.You love solitude and do not interfere in other people’s affairs.
11. You are economical and thrifty. You love bargaining and don’t give more than you need for tea.
12. You love the society of yourself, because you are independent and independent.
13. You make sacrifices and work hard to achieve goals.
14. If you are unable to achieve any of your goals, you become miserable and depressed.
15. You are practical and not prone to romance or sensitivity.
16. You are very loyal to your family members.
17. You are suspicious and be afraid of a deceit.
18. You are a conformist and adherent of the established order and regulations.
19. You have a good memory and an eye for detail.
20. You can find many ways to do something or solve a problem.


Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. Puffy and pretentious people bore you.
2. You are an individualist, alien to conventions and extraordinary.
3. It doesn’t matter if you become rich.
4. You are very sociable and prefer communication with many people to deep one-on-one relationships.
5. You are looking for truth and understanding.
6. Since you are progressive and strive for personal growth and development, you quickly outgrow some ideas and overtake many people.
7.You feel the desire to experiment and study in order to gain a new understanding of the essence of things.
8. You have a very developed intuition.
9.You are an excellent judge to people and human nature.
10. From time to time you need solitude in order to restore energy.
11. Usually you are unpredictable.
12. You love to “warm up” the conversation.
13. You do not like personal obligations and schedules that restrict your freedom.
14. You analyze and question the words and deeds of people until you are completely satisfied.
15. You have a vivid imagination and you are full of ideas.
16. You allow yourself only one connection at a time, you are a faithful lover.
17. Although you have a strong will and strong beliefs, you can very well change your point of view if you are given good reasons.
18. You are an idealist who has strong beliefs about human rights and universal love.
19. You like to dress in such a way as to surprise others, you always bring creativity to your clothes.
20. People consider you as if standing apart.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. You are very sensitive, it is easy to offend you.
2. You try to please everyone.
3. People often just reap the benefits of your compassion.
4.You try to hide your wounds behind a mask of humor or indifference.
5. You have a tendency to escape from harsh reality with drugs or alcohol.
6. You are disappointed when you see that reality is different from your ideas about it.
7. You need periods of loneliness to get your own “I” away from people and problems.
8. You rarely give a direct answer to the question, do you prefer to be evasive.
9.You fall in love easily, but expect too much from the subject of your love.
10.You have little interest in power and wealth.
11.You are disappointed when your great feelings and passionate passions do not last forever.
12. You have a very developed intuition, and you feel that you are simply a medium when your dreams and forebodings come true.
13. When a cold reality breaks your ideals and illusions towards people, you completely go into yourself.
14. You deeply sympathize and sympathize with the sick and weak, and spend a lot of time to help them.
15. You like it when you are surrounded by cleanliness and order, but you do not really succeed in housework, because by nature you are a dreamer.
16.You need to be often encouraged and encouraged,
17.You are a pessimist and a doubtful person.
18. You would like to become a poet, writer or artist.
19. You are very gentle and caring.
20. You are prone to stealth.


Put “Yes” or “No” opposite each statement
1. You are always busy with something because you hate monotony.
2. You are a strong personality, subjugating people to yourself.
3.You love to compete and argue; You act well in stressful situations.
4.You are purposeful and aim at your tasks like a laser beam.
5. You are a passionate lover.
6. You are not a diplomat because you are too frank.
7. You do not like to receive orders and therefore prefer to run your own business.
8. You love freedom and independence and hate organized tours.
9. You tend to be impatient and impulsive.
10. It is very important for you that everything goes as you see fit.
11. In relations with people, your explosive temperament is manifested.
12. You are loyal to people, while your affection for them lasts (very briefly!).
13. From others, you demand that they treat you as loyally as you do to them.
14. You are not able to get angry or discontent for a long time.
15. Your favorite color is red.
16. You are cheerful, and no setbacks can overwhelm you for a long time.
17. You are not interested in the security that money gives, but what you can use to buy it for yourself and others.
18. You are more susceptible to accidents and injuries than to illnesses and ailments.
19. You often try to control the lives of others.
20.First, you are enthusiastic about new projects, but you cannot support this interest and will soon lose it.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. If your finances are in poor condition, you are worried.
2. You need stability in relations with people in order to feel emotionally safe.
3. You rarely forget the damage done to you; you need a lot of time to forgive.
4. You have to make more efforts than everyone else to maintain a normal weight.
5. You are a big owner.
6. Even if you are practical and worldly wise, at heart, identity is very sensitive.
7. You are calm, patient, tolerant, but when you are pressed too hard, you turn into an angry bull.
8. You are sensitive and love when you caress and kiss.
9. You love good food and try not to eat all kinds of rubbish.
10. No one can convince you to do what you do not want to do.
11. You have subtle feelings, you are sensitive to how things look, smell, sound.
12. Patience and determination are two of your main virtues.
13. First of all: you are reliable and trustworthy.
14. You stubbornly follow the chosen path and rarely change your mind.
15. You have a strong physique, you rarely get sick.
16. You love nature and gardening.
17. You appreciate music, beauty, painting and it is likely that you have the ability to do all this.
18. You support the family and friends to whom you are devoted.
19. At the service, if you like your tasks and are not pressured, you can work very productively.
20. You are very attached to family and friends.


Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. People around you consider you forever young, because you are full of life, energy and always in action.
2. You are a jealous owner.
3. You are very fond of acquiring knowledge, but this knowledge is mostly superficial.
4. You are hardly punctual – you are always late.
5. You often have to get out of situations in which the duality of your nature unwittingly leads you;
6. Communication with people is important for you.
7. You have a talent for languages, both written and spoken.
8. You hate boredom, routine, monotony.
9. When you speak, then reinforce your words with gestures.
10. You are very good at hiding your true feelings and motives for your actions.
11. In order to stimulate relations with a partner, you resort in full to the aid of your imagination.
12. You are prone to violent, unstable relationships.
13. If you are not free in a relationship, then you are suffocating.
14. You really like to flirt.
15. You are nervous and restless.
16. Due to the fact that you have a youthful fresh attitude to everything in the world, people tend to consider you immature.
17. It is difficult for you to focus on one thing and not do several things at once.
18.In your appearance, which is very interesting for you, you put a lot of effort.
19. You have an overactive imagination that allows you to embellish reality.
20. Your versatility allows you to often change the scope of activities without any inconvenience to you.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. Of great importance to you are the home and family.
2. Outwardly you are cold and self-confident, but under this mask is a sensitive nature.
3. Your intuition is accurate and accurate.
4. You have a good memory of past events.
5. Although you are a very devoted lover, but love and flirt.
6. Your way to show your friends and relatives that you love them is to go out with them for lunch.
7. Although you are very sociable and easily meet people, you are still more of a couch potato.
8. You are easily influenced by the opinions of others.
9.You are very interested and attracted to the past.
10.You need to hear again and again that you are loved and need you.
11. Your mood changes often and easily.
12. You need loneliness in order to collect your thoughts and restore energy.
13. You have a very prolific imagination.
14. You store many things because of the memories associated with them.
15. When you are depressed, you are encouraging yourself with food.
16. Emotionally, you are very sensitive and often see insult where it is not.
17.You subtly feel and appreciate literature and painting.
18. You do not like to throw things away, thinking that they will still be useful to you, and they will accumulate over the years.
19. You carefully save money, and you always have a certain amount in stock to pay bills.
20. You are very attentive to the needs of your family and friends.


Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. You have a truly royal posture: slightly leaning back, you hold your head high.
2. You have wonderful qualities of a leader and organizer.
3. You have a warm heart, you are not selfish.
4. You love beauty, luxury, pleasure.
5. You are, to some extent, an exhibitionist with a keen sense of dramatic situations.
6. Even without trying specifically, you organize the life of others (sometimes even better than your own).
7.You need to love and be loved, and therefore try to surround yourself with a large number of friends.
8.You are proud, have a well-developed self-esteem, which is sometimes mistaken for arrogance.
9. You prefer quality over quantity and would rather agree that you have a small amount of expensive clothing than a lot, but cheap.
10.Your bright personality inspires confidence.
11. You are often impatient and intolerant of people.
12.You love to be praised.
13. You focus on the big picture and the end result, and leave the details to others.
14. You like to be the center of attention.
15. You have a tendency to extravagance, it is difficult for you to live within our means.
16. The creative qualities of your personality you use in everyday affairs.
17. The vitality that you use to achieve your goals is key out of you.
18. Despite your self-confidence, you need constant approval and encouragement.
19.Thanks to your tremendous vitality and energy, you quickly cope with diseases.
20. You prefer to sit quietly at the table and enjoy good food, rather than have a bite to eat on the go.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1.You are a very mundane practical person.
2. Usually you are dressed cleanly and well.
3. You like the expansive expressions of feelings or affection, especially in public.
4. You are inquisitive and smart.
5. You tend to be critical of people, especially you do not like laziness, wasted spending and being late.
6. You are naturally insecure.
7. You are ambitious and very hardworking.
8. It is important for you that people think about you, and you often deviate from the plan in order to get their approval.
9. In love, you are shy and modest.
10. You have a surprisingly clear memory.
11. For you, cleanliness and personal hygiene are very important.
12. You take your health very seriously, always worry or complain about your physical condition.
13. Although you criticize others, you do not like to criticize you because you are very aware of your mistakes.
14. At heart, you strive for excellence and therefore set unattainable goals.
15. Your critical and analytical mind pays great attention to every detail.
16. You like when your house is clean and tidy.
17. You can rely on you in everything; you have a highly developed sense of responsibility and duty towards family and friends.
18. You like to do everything for yourself and try very hard not to ask others for favors.
19. You are a well-organized and decent person.
20. You always need to do something, and it’s very difficult for you to just relax and rest.


Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. In any relationship, you strive for peace and harmony.
2. In the name of maintaining peace, you can endure many blows to your feelings.
3. You have a strong sense of justice and honesty.
4. You are a born arbiter and try to settle disputes and disagreements between people.
5. You deserve trust, especially with regard to other people’s money and property.
6. You do not like conflicts, disputes, explosions of emotions.
7. You are a good listener.
8. You often show indecision.
9. You are well-built, you have a nice face, most people like you.
10. Once you make a decision, you become stubborn and you cannot be turned astray.
11. You are looking for peace and harmony in your life and therefore are ready for compromise and cooperation;
12. You have a sense of beauty and, possibly, artistic abilities.
13. You like to read, you have a lot of books.
14. You are a hopeless romantic and often fall in love with the very possibility of being in love.
15. You spend a lot of time and energy trying to please everyone.
16. You do not like to work in dirty cluttered rooms.
17. You have a natural desire to share everything with your partners – both at work and in the family.
18. You are an unbiased person and you can evaluate the opinions of opposing parties in a dispute or discussion.
19. You do not really strive for personal success; you are content to share the success of others.
20. You alternate activities and relaxation, trying to achieve their harmonious balance in your life.



Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. You have deep, strong thoughts and emotions.
2.You are fully committed to any business you undertake.
3. You have a strong sexual impulse.
4. You are trying to control both your life and the lives of others.
5.You have a strong desire to get to the bottom of all the secrets of life and solve all problems.
6. You have a keen or hypnotic look.
7. Although you are very sociable, you still enjoy being alone.
8. You have periods of intense thought.
9. Although you are a very passionate person, outwardly you seem calm and cold.
10. You are an extremely jealous owner.
11. When asked for your opinion, you answer directly and frankly.
12. You hardly ever forgive or forget the insults you have suffered.
13. You can be entrusted with any secret – you keep it.
14. You have a strong personality: not overwhelming and aggressive, but calm and attractive.
15. You are able to feel people’s thoughts before they express them.
16. You accept advice only when they coincide with your own opinion.
17. You have compassion for the sick, the weak and the poor.
18. You envy those who are more talented or lucky than you.
19. You like to measure your strength; however, your qualities are best manifested in the face of adversity.
20. You have deep, well-hidden religious or spiritual beliefs.


Put “Yes” or “No” in front of each statement.
1. You are very trusting, often naive.
2.You tend to make promises that you cannot keep.
3. You are honest and honest and say what you think.
4. Often you just can’t just sit still and therefore love to travel, to visit friends and relatives.
5. It’s hard for you to lie successfully.
6. You love to explore all aspects of your mind, you have a great thirst for knowledge.
7. It is important for you to understand the meaning of things, and not just to agree with the facts.
8. You love sports and outdoor life.
9. Usually you are happy in the game.
10.You are more idealistic than realist.
11. You are always ready to try your luck.
12. You are always ready to accept the challenge.
13.You are usually smooth and friendly, but only until someone abuses your friendliness, then your violent disposition is manifested.
14. You love animals, perhaps you have a pet.
15. You strive and need a good relationship with people, but are afraid that you will be hooked.
16. You are able to grasp the big picture of something, but in the details you are weak.
17.You are fortunate that you look young longer than others.
18. Often you are awkward.
19. For fair deeds, you are struggling with great enthusiasm.
20. You lack tact, and you don’t understand that you hurt someone’s feelings when you say out loud what you think.

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