Horoscope of sins. What weaknesses is your zodiac sign inclined to_Horoscope of sins. What weaknesses is your zodiac sign inclined to_Horoscope of sins. What weaknesses does your zodiac sign tend to? Each of us has its dark sides, which are not so easy to fight. Astrologers claim that each sign of the zodiac has its own weaknesses and deeds that do not honor us, but we continue to behave this way. Find out what sin your zodiac sign is prone to. Share with us, do you agree with this horoscope?

Horoscope of sins


Aries can kill . Of course, this does not mean that if you are an Aries, then this is 100% likely to happen in your life. But you should be on the lookout for being explosive in nature. You are unpredictable and easily lose your temper.

Aries should be very careful and try to control their feelings. Otherwise, you can burn someone!


The most important sin Taurus is prone to is gluttony . This applies to everything: food, sex, attention. To achieve his goal, Taurus can do a lot. Another sin of this zodiac sign is narcissism. Taurus now and then expect that everyone around them will tiptoe and admire, admire them.


Gemini has such a disadvantage as dishonesty . They slopes to fool, and it does not matter at all what is at stake, about the weather or the welfare of Taurus. Most likely, if he does not lie, he will embellish.


Crayfish tend to deify everything and everyone . If they love someone, then this person turns into a god in their eyes. Crayfish begin to do everything possible to please their god, not even suspecting that it is a sin. You should stop doing this, if only because you completely forget about yourself. But what if your god leaves you?

a lion

Leo is largely a daffodil , especially when it comes to relationships. Perhaps this is the most selfish sign of the zodiac. He thinks only of himself and knows how to achieve everything you wish with just one movement of his hand.

Arrogant and arrogant. Even the people whom Leo is trying to keep close do not want to deal with him. They can be understood. Who would want to help someone who sees only their reflection in everything?


Dev has the disadvantage of being jealous . And it doesn’t matter, we are talking about things or people. If Virgo’s gaze fell on some object, then she would desire it right away, even if there is no need for it. If she does not succeed, then envy will eat her from the inside for a long time.


Scales have little interest but their own beauty . Seeing their beautiful reflection in the mirror, they gain strength in order to live on. The good news is that Libra, in addition to external beauty, thinks about the internal content. They are well aware that, being a beautiful wrapper, they will not be able to succeed.


Scorpio’s sin is lust . They have a hypertrophied desire to be close friends with everyone who meets in their path. Because of this “dispersal,” Scorpions find it difficult to find true love. And if someone refuses to be close friends, then for Scorpio this is a personal tragedy.


Sagittarius is prone to treason . They love to flirt with everyone. Sex for them is more fun, so it is difficult for them to remain faithful, being in a serious relationship. Even if they truly love someone, their eyes wander in search of another victim.


Capricorns suffer from greed . That is why they always learn lessons, sit in the office until late, can go over their heads. After all, at the finish line they are waiting for a lot of recognition, money and all sorts of “goodies.” It is noteworthy that all this is earned by sweat and blood, not in order to spend, but in order to save. Capricorn is a kind of Plyushkin.


Aquarians believe that they are special . If appearance, then they are the most unusual and beautiful. If the mind, then they are the most quick-witted, resourceful and further on the list. Aquarius should descend from heaven to earth and understand that all people are equally beautiful.


Fish love to soar in the clouds . Sometimes it seems that they live in a separate, special world. Where there is no access to ordinary people. Dreaming of the great, Pisces forget about everyday activities. People perceive this as laziness, but Pisces believes that you should not strain, you need to live in the present moment!

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