Seven types of relationships according to the zodiac signSeven types of relationships according to the zodiac sign. In this table you need to find the intersection of your zodiac sign and your partner. As a result, you will get one of the following icons, which will decrypt you which of the seven types of relationships relates to your pair. Good luck

Yellow (compound) – union, “stagnation”.

This combination requires no explanation. People belonging to the same zodiac sign do not experience any problems either in communication or in mutual understanding. They are capable of understanding jokes, calmly treating fun of themselves, and may even be tolerant of the bad mood of their partner.

However, the presence of two planets in two people, especially the Sun and the Moon or the Sun and the Ascendant in the same sign, is much more significant. This is always a sign of great instinctual attraction and good compatibility. When the same zodiac sign is only for the Sun, compatibility depends on the position of the other planets in the horoscope of partners.

Nevertheless, this is a good union, as in any relationship, some find a common language right away, others with time. It happens that relationships of the same zodiac sign lead to passivity and boredom, but very rarely.

Blue (opposition) – perspective, love / hate, attractiveness. 

A classic example – “opposites attract” – can often be found between signs located in the zodiac opposite each other. This union, as a rule, is not easy. The opposite signs of the zodiac, the similarity is much more obvious than is commonly thought.

Such a pair is connected by a constant “mirror reflection of each other”, and not necessarily complementary, but also repulsive. These relationships can be both productive and romantic, or “saturated” with jealousy; their peculiarity is to balance on the verge of rupture and reconciliation. People who have many opposing planetary energies always have something that can be “presented” to another.

An important role in this alliance is played by the exchange of energy – only in this case you will work for the prospect of your relationship and you can find a spiritual connection. The worst that can happen to you is intolerance towards each other and hatred.

Blue (trine) – “flow”, harmony.

Signs of the Zodiac, which are in trine, belong to the same element, whether it be Fire, Earth, Water or Air. This gives a fundamental similarity in relation to current events, as well as temperamental closeness. In such a union between partners there is a strong intuitive connection and sensuality. Not only love, but also friendships can be harmonious without much effort, which, of course, is very important.

It is as if the relationship itself radiated a sense of grace – a cosmic representation of form and well-being. In fact, a lack of trine may be too much patience and insufficient “engine power” for personal growth.

Red (square) – struggle, energy.

Zodiac signs in a combination of a square have a dual relationship to each other. On the one hand, they are well aware of the nature of the partner, and often communicate very well. Despite the dynamic nature of the interaction of the planets, friendship is possible between many.

On the other hand, these relations are too unstable, partners tend to provoke each other. This is especially manifested between lovers, when one every now and then “heats up” the other with various sorts of taunts and jokes, constantly asserting that he “does not hold evil, and everything is fine.”

Perhaps this is a type of relationship, which in joint work requires constant restructuring and compromise, and in partnerships, elementary patience in relation to each other. Be that as it may, a successful relationship can be strong.

Violet (quicksons) – a riddle, out of sync .

The Quicons relationship (“checkerboard”) between the characters is interesting, but problematic in itself. This mainly concerns signs that have practically nothing in common. Nevertheless, in this interaction there is an aura of mystery and charm: one of the partners may possess qualities that would seem to be completely absent in the other.

Some astrologers associate Quicksons with subtle sexual attraction, which is likely due to a mysterious attraction, which we cannot even explain to ourselves. However, relationships like any chess game require a lot of awareness!

Green (sextile) – sympathy, “benefit”.

Signs found in sextile have different but compatible elements. Relationships are usually natural and free. In many pairs, sextile can ideally manifest itself when one side contributes what the other lacks. Sextile is characteristic of friendship, professional and platonic relations.

The couple will have a feeling of comfort and safety, this is comparable to a “addictive and exciting game” in which it can even reach a romantic / sexual relationship. At the same time, it is a “solid foundation”, which can be a pillar. Different planets of sextile, which are in the same signs of partners, can be a sign of great understanding, sympathy and attraction.

Orange (semi-textile) – irritability, learning .

In semi-textile, the signs are located next to each other along the zodiac wheel. This creates a vague relationship, sometimes with a touch of competition or jealousy. The fact is that bordering signs are a process of learning and development.

For the previous sign, the partner may seem to be the owner of qualities that he himself does not have or secretly would like to possess, because of this, the partner may seem arrogant and even annoying. The subsequent sign sees his partner as somewhat secretive, veiled, so in a hurry to create a relationship with him.

This is all pretty abstract. In general, relations with semi-textile can be alarming and at the same time enthralling, as in any pair, there may be a development here.

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