What Zodiac Sign Is Considered The Most Faithful, And Who Should Not Be Lost From the Field of View_What Zodiac Sign Is Considered The Most Faithful, And Who Should Not Be Lost From the Field of View? Every woman dreams of finding for herself one man who will be faithful to the end of her days and in whom she will be sure. Of course, the search for such a life partner sometimes occupies a significant part of our lives. But we decided to make your search a little easier by telling you which zodiac sign is considered the most attached to one woman, making up a fidelity rating for you on a scale from 1 – Monogamous to 3 – Lovelace.

Aries:  hot head and passionate heart
Fidelity rating: 2

If our “experimental” fell in love, at this stage you are definitely lucky – he is romantic and sentimental. Aries is inclined to trust his feelings and sensations, so he will promise everything that you want. But do not rush things. Aries is a conqueror, and after reaching our goal, our handsome man can easily switch to a new object. And yet, in a relationship he is calm and confident in himself, he will become a good defender, a loving and faithful husband, a wonderful father, and no less a wonderful lover. Nevertheless, Aries can not be called the surest sign, given his love of new sensations.

Taurus:  does not pursue Casanova’s laurels, and rarely sheds his head
Fidelity rating: 1

Male Taurus are externally closed, but the feelings of the representatives of this sign are very deep. And they are also very persistent: they will achieve their goal at any cost, therefore, if you saw a desire in his eyes, remember that for Taurus, desires and feelings are one and the same thing, which means that the boy is in love and you are really lucky.

In love, Taurus is very gentle, passionate, touching and not burdened with unnecessary questions. And if Taurus got married, then his choice is completely conscious, he expects reciprocity and fidelity. Therefore, Taurus can safely be considered the most faithful man!

Gemini : inconstancy is constancy
Fidelity rating: 3

The twin men are a complete mystery, rebus. They, in principle, are very cold-blooded, at the beginning of a relationship, the desire to know and recognize you is clearly visible. But there comes a period when the Twin begins to “withdraw into itself.” At this time, he clearly analyzes everything, and if the twin man understands that the relationship is beneficial and comfortable, they will continue, if not, he is looking for a new goal. Therefore, as a rule, they are very unstable and prone to breaking up relations. This does not mean that twin men should not be contacted, no, you just need to know some features of their nature.

Cancer:  so beautiful, but so wrong.
Fidelity rating: 3

Man Cancer, at first glance, is one of the most reliable partners, a loyal lover and an ideal family man. In fact, Crayfish seek only their own comfort. Cancer man finds an excuse for everything, while he himself is never to blame. Even if his girlfriend finds himself in bed with another, he will come up with 100 reasons and excuses, and you will be to blame for the situation. Cancer Men are very messy in relationships. However, among the Cancers there are also those who are devoted to their girlfriend from their very youth. Or after 35 years.

 Is the lion king of beasts?
Fidelity rating: 1

Male Lions can often be calculated from the crowd by appearance alone. They have a strong physique (or strive for such), well-dressed, combed, like a nice branded clothes – they are materialists. And they give gifts willingly. Leo is one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac.

You can part with Leo for the following reasons: if you put yourself above him, if you surpass Leo in career success, if you try to manage relationships. Otherwise, you can be sure: Leo will be reliable and faithful to you!

Virgo:  reliable and practical, but why is it not appreciated?
Fidelity rating: 1

Virgo men are not very simple. They do not like theatrical performances, so they will not dance with you until the morning and read poems under the windows. Virgo man always analyzes and pays attention to details, he recalls what you were wearing, how you behaved, what you said. Sex for such a man is not just physical contact. They are quite fastidious and selective, afraid to get infected with something, so they have virtually no random connections. So, despite some “boring” sign, Virgo – faithful men.

Libra  under the auspices of Venus
Fidelity rating: 1

Libra – honest, attentive, can be reliable friends and partners. Male Libra is not a conqueror, they can break down even in everyday matters, when the situation is such that they cannot or do not have time to adapt to it. They like to do nice, seduce, play, and in return they expect praise, recognition, approval and admiration. Libra men love stability and poise, so they rarely cause changes and breaks in relationships. If he changes, then he will be caught on the fact that he himself will not be comfortable.

Scorpio:  the best lover?
Fidelity rating: 3

It is generally accepted that Scorpios are the best in bed. A Scorpio man does not need accessibility: the less accessible and understandable, the better, the more interest, the more excitement. Scorpio has two components – the soul and flesh. Most often, he uses the latter, but access to the soul must be earned. And these two components are constantly in conflict: the soul wants to be faithful, and the flesh … Well, you know where it calls.

Therefore, the male Scorpio is considered the most unfaithful of the signs of the zodiac. But still the Scorpions get married, and if that happened, you are lucky: he guards his house and family as a fortress.

Sagittarius  – he and Africa Sagittarius
Fidelity rating: 3

The name of the mark is very harmonious and consonant with its carrier. Sagittarius men are life-long experimenters, and it does not matter what he opens or receives – the process itself is important. They want to try everything. However, they are of two types: the former redirect their sexual energy to creation, creativity and service to other people; and the latter become true Don Juan. Moreover, love for such representatives of the sign is a sport, a game, an adventure. Sagittarius marries when they realize that the ideal partner does not exist and will have to be content with what is.

Capricorn  – this is true stability!
Fidelity rating: 1

Capricorns fall in love is very difficult, but if this happened, their love is very deep. Capricorns do not particularly know how to express their feelings, they are not romantics, but this does not prevent them from creating strong relationships. If Capricorn fell in love with a woman, you can be absolutely sure that he will not go for treason, but will refuse to divorce. Capricorn does not need to be subdued by sophisticated outfits or miraculous make-up, it is rather a conservative, and an ordinary classic costume will appreciate much more than a clown’s outfit. Capricorn in marriage is practical, frugal and hardworking. He requires the same relationship from a partner.

Aquarius : freedom is our everything!
Fidelity rating: 3

Aquarians are not used to asking, so if you want a relationship with them, take the first step, and he will step forward. Aquarians are often monogamous, therefore they are faithful in marriage. They trust their partner, do not control them and often compromises. But, paradoxically, among Aquarius, divorces are very frequent.

And this happens because the partner believes that Aquarius does more for others than for the family. Aquarius can leave when she feels that he is “tied to the house.” At the same time, he has been preparing a retreat plan for a long time, but everything happens all of a sudden, according to the plan “went for bread in slippers and did not return.”

Pisces:  sensuality and soulfulness
Fidelity rating: 1

Men-Pisces are soft and kind, able to dream and empathize. Love for them comes quietly and imperceptibly, with time it matures and develops. These are just those representatives of the zodiac who can read poetry and sing serenades under the window. But, as we know, one coin always has two sides. The second is that instead of elevated feelings and emotions, Pisces often choose exclusively sexual pleasure. But in marriage, Pisces men are the most attached and faithful, they do everything for the family.

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