Let’s appease the Fire Rooster or where and how to celebrate the New Year 2019Where and how to celebrate the New Year

New Year is everyone’s favorite holiday. It must be memorable, vivid, and this requires preliminary preparation. There is not so much time left, you need to find out what the symbol of 2019, the Rooster, likes. First, find out what the Fire Rooster is.

Let’s appease the Fire Rooster or where and how to celebrate the New Year 2017

This is a fighter, a badass, but fair and sociable. He is a true master of his territory, he will take care of everything, the whole “yard” feels his concern. The Fire Rooster loves order and will protect everything that belongs to him. He is handsome, independent, loves everything bright and bold.

Those born under the sign of the Red (Fiery) Rooster are full of energy, can work for a long time, without getting tired, rarely get depressed. There is enough of them for everyone, so quite often they become good leaders. Their best character trait is perseverance and willpower: they never back down and bring their plan to the end. However, their straightforwardness brings a lot of trouble, since they often tell people in the face everything that they think about them, and this, as you know, not everyone likes. So it turns out that the Fiery Roosters have not so many friends. Now back to the New Year.

Where to Meet the Year of the Rooster

To celebrate the New Year of the Red Fire Rooster is better for the whole family, but it is not necessary to sit at home. You can book a table in a small restaurant, where there will be no place for worries and fatigue. For lovers of country holidays, there are always tempting offers to celebrate the New Year and relax in picturesque corners with clean air and pristine nature. The main thing is that loved ones are nearby.

New Year’s table 

Let’s appease the Fire Rooster or where and how to celebrate the New Year 2017

In order not to anger the Fire Rooster, it is necessary first of all to exclude from the menu dishes from poultry meat, as well as whole eggs. But fish and seafood in any quantity will be appropriate.

More fruits, vegetables, greens. And it is good for you, and for the Rooster joy. The main dishes are pork, beef, lamb, and besides, if possible, a whole piece baked in foil or sleeve with aromatic herbs.

A sweet table can be traditional. One wish: decorate the cake, pastries, cookies with at least some cereal grains, for example, sesame seeds, flax.

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