Why are zodiac signs getting divorced_ The whole truth is here!Why are zodiac signs getting divorced? The whole truth is here! So, he played Mendelssohn’s wedding march, a new family was born. A new reality comes when love and everything “beautiful” fades against the background of gray everyday life. Domestic and financial problems, misunderstandings, quarrels, deceits and other pitfalls of life together often provoke a breakdown. Astrologers believe that the reason for divorce lies in the partners themselves and their zodiac sign. The divorce horoscope on our website will show the most common causes of a “relationship crack”.


Having created a family, Aries is the most difficult to learn to get along with his spouse and compromise with him. Aries is intolerant, stubborn and hot-tempered, even in small things. The main cause of conflicts is Aries’s own egoism, and the first crack in relations most often appears when Aries does not take into account the views and interests of its partner.


Taurus is a very harmonious sign in terms of marriage and family. However, harmony is necessary for him not only in relationships, but also in material matters. If the material situation of the lovers is unstable and alarming, then Taurus is not recommended to marry at all, since it is the lack of finances that causes the split of the family.


Twins most of all need communication and the constant expansion of their circle of acquaintances, in which, of course, there are individuals of the opposite sex. This can cause jealousy from the spouse of Gemini.

Do not hang the Twins the label of an adventurer, but the natural communication skills of the Twins really increase the risk of intimate relationships on the side. Gemini leads the astrological statistics of divorces precisely for this reason.


The sign of Cancer is associated with tribal roots, home and family, which does not always play a positive role. The cause of tension in the relationship, up to and including divorce, can be, for example, housing problems, a conflict with the spouse’s relatives, cohabitation with the parents of one of the spouses, the intervention of the relatives in a young family, their advice, instructions. A common situation: a married man acquires a mother-in-law in the “appendage”, and a married woman acquires a mother-in-law.


The sign of Leo, or rather, the zodiacal house of Leo, is associated with children.

Therefore, the cause of the conflict in Leo’s family is often children, for example, methods of raising children. However, the absence of children can also cause a break in relations. And Leo is connected with the sphere of pleasures and entertainments, the thirst of which can push to treason, lowers the level of debt and responsibility to his family and so on.


Virgo’s zodiac house is associated with commitment, work and health. Issues of work and financial security (who should earn and how much) often cause controversy. Last but not least is health care. Harmful habits of a spouse especially annoy the Virgin.


The reasons for the divorce of the Libra sign are the most banal and prosaic. These are emotional breakdowns, quarrels, scandals, deceits, betrayals, etc. Nevertheless, it is very important for the representatives of this sign that their partner knows how to compromise, knows how to resolve disputes as calmly as possible, without arranging stormy scenes.


Perhaps it was the Scorpions who gave rise to the opinion that the matrimonial * ks is boring, and in marriage the weakening of the * xual attraction of partners is inevitable. Treason is the main reason for the divorces of people of this sign. However, the Scorpions themselves can be extremely suspicious of their spouse, literally plaguing him with jealousy, including unjustified and baseless.


Freedom-loving Sagittarius – in marriage often looks in the eyes of his spouse as settled down and “tamed”, but this

misleading impression. Even if family life looks quite prosperous, this does not mean that Sagittarius is happy in marriage. Often, he perceives family life as boredom and routine and begins to look for the missing sensations on the side. Another reason for “spoiled relations” may be that the spouse of Sagittarius does not share his aspirations and hobbies or is their opponent.


The Capricorn sign is considered the engine of a career. Marriage can be an obstacle to career growth, and often Capricorn makes difficult choices in this regard. However, it is easier for many Capricorns to succeed with reliable rear areas, and here it all depends on the spouse: whether he will support Capricorn. Well, discontent on the part of the partner causes psychological discomfort for the ambitious Capricorn, which most often causes the family to break up.


For Aquarius, marriage symbolizes a certain narrow framework, into which it can be very difficult for him to “squeeze”. If Aquarius is ripe for family life, then it is not easy for him to change his usual way of life, for example, to abandon a fun pastime, friendly gatherings, etc.

Domestic problems are Aquarius not only a burden, but also cause persistent hostility, and in general, the responsibility that arises in marriage, he prefers to shift to the spouse’s shoulders. In order to avoid a break in relations, Aquarius, first of all, needs to change “I” to “We”.


Gaps, omissions, secrets and secrets often cause brewing conflicts in the Pisces family. If before marriage, Pisces prefers to talk about their thoughts and feelings, then in marriage it is just the opposite. Often Pisces is at first silent about what worries or annoys them, then they break down at the most unexpected moment.

According to zodiac statistics, family Pisces often cheat on their spouse or lead a “double life.” And Pisces are prone to vices, among which – indifference to alcohol is the most common reason for the destruction of marriage.

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