These 3 star signs have the most luck and success in the fall.These 3 star signs have the most luck and success in the fall.What will the coming autumn bring for you? Will you be lucky and will the stars fulfill your wishes and dreams? Which signs of the zodiac can be particularly happy this autumn? We reveal what three star signs belong to and also reveal what you should know to be prepared for the fall.

The hot summer is over and we can finally get the autumn sweaters out. For many a season now begins with cozy Netflix evenings in the cozy blanket at home on the sofa. For some, this season also means spending many romantic hours with your partner.

Whether we like it or not, autumn comes with all its colors. Maybe you already noticed it on the rainy weather. Or you can see that the first leaves are falling from the trees. 

The only question is: will fall play in your cards? Perhaps you can also count yourself among the lucky ones for whom this season will be full of happiness and harmony. But not every star sign has drawn the big ticket. 

Only three astrological symbols can benefit from the spectacle of stars in the coming months. Especially in terms of love and relationships, it will crackle heavily for these three. But in other areas of life, too, things could turn out well. In no case should you miss this chance. See for yourself, if the autumn brings something for you:

LIBRA (24.09.-23.10.)

The last few weeks have taken up quite a bit of your energy reserves. Now it’s time for a rest! You have to recharge your batteries. In addition you have the chance in the upcoming autumn. The days are getting shorter and shorter, but a certain constellation will give you a real energy boost.

We are talking about the constellation “Pegasus”. Finally you can regain your strength and become active. From September, you will clearly feel that you are slowly recharging your lost energy reserves. 

There will be curiosity and sociability again. Actually, this is a page that makes the Libra special. In recent weeks, however, this sociable side has completely gone under.

You suddenly become more alert again and feel like making new contacts. In addition, you are now ready for exciting ventures and remain open to new ideas. This is perfect to meet a partner. But do not look for him. Enjoy your life and do things that will enrich you mentally, then your personal Mr. Right will soon be in front of you.

If you are already in a relationship, you may experience a 180 degree turn. At last you can find a way out of everyday life and experience adventures together again. Congratulation!

SAGITTARIUS (23.11 – 21.12.)

Already at the beginning of the year we prophesied it. Finally the time has come! Dear Sagittarius, you will get the role of the Goldmarie for the fall. Happiness will rain down on you, like a mild late summer breeze.

Things will get hot in terms of love. Even on rainy days this will bring some light into your life. It is important that you just get involved, because then you will finally get the feeling to have arrived. 

You’ve been longing for so long to finally be loved unconditionally. Now is the time to reach out and reach out. Because your luck is really within reach.

It could be someone who will stay with you in the long term and finally accept you for who you are. You will get very close very quickly and your hearts will surely beat faster.

You should enjoy these romantic hours to the fullest. They will most likely remind you of your thirst for adventure. You will need it so that it does not get boring when winter has arrived.

TWINS (21.05 – 21.06.)

The twin will also experience a strong rush of happiness this autumn. Not only in love, but also in professional life will open up new opportunities for the twin, thanks to his ambition and his communication skills. Use these possibilities and do not be afraid to fail.

You will make the right decisions in the coming weeks, as long as you listen to your gut feeling. Do not think too much! Then you can sit back and relax for a while, because you will master every situation with flying colors anyway. 

The absolute highlight is yet to come: In love you will experience a huge emotional fireworks. Somebody special will step into your life, which really turns your head. It could be a soulmate. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, then you may rekindle your passion for one another.

This will help you to meet and accept on a much deeper level. Try to stay calm and relaxed in the fall and do not rush anything. Then you will soon come a little closer to your long-awaited goal. Trust me!

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