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10 tips not to leave the gym

Finally you have managed to sign up at the gym, good. Now you need some motivation to be able to maintain consistency. These 10 tips for not leaving...


The best exercises for abs

The abdominals are one of the areas that we are most worried about when training. Here is a selection of what are the best abdominal exercises for...


Which activity is better

Which activity is best to lose weight? Which activity is best to tone the whole body? What is the best activity to gain muscle? Today we have created...

weight training

Benefits of weight training

Many people who exercise or are new to the fitness world feel that weight training is only associated with more experienced athletes. This could not...

fit girls

Hey fit girl! Please do not.

I see a lot of new accounts on Instagram and I see so many of myself in those girls. I prefer to leave comments everywhere. Always the same and the...

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