10 tips not to leave the gym

Finally you have managed to sign up at the gym, good. Now you need some motivation to be able to maintain consistency. These 10 tips for not leaving...


The best exercises for abs

The abdominals are one of the areas that we are most worried about when training. Here is a selection of what are the best abdominal exercises for...


Common mistakes when doing crunches

Why does my back hurt when doing crunches? Why does my neck hurt when I do crunches? We show you some of the frequent errors when doing crunches , so...


Which activity is better

Which activity is best to lose weight? Which activity is best to tone the whole body? What is the best activity to gain muscle? Today we have created...

basket ball

Benefits of playing basketball

Basketball is a team sport with which we can burn calories in an effective way, while we exercise our body and work our muscles in a compensated way...

self defence

Reasons to learn self-defense

Contrary to what one might think, personal defense and martial arts do not create aggressive people, if not quite the opposite, people who are self...

weight training

Benefits of weight training

Many people who exercise or are new to the fitness world feel that weight training is only associated with more experienced athletes. This could not...


What do you need to train at home?

There are different reasons to train from home. One of these reasons may be the lack of time to go to the gym. Whatever the reason you want to...

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